High Technology Industry Digital Services 2021–2022 RadarView ™

High-tech is the digital adult industry. With growing opportunities and rapidly changing demand levels, companies must continually develop innovations to provide a better customer experience.

High-tech companies are under threat from the epidemic, including tight supply lines, uncertain revenues and changing customer habits. While the risks may vary by region and product, the solution is the same – digital transformation. High-tech companies are looking at automation to reduce supply chain disruptions and make production more efficient. You are looking at automation as well as improved reality to address digital skills gaps. And are using AI and analytics to improve customer experience and product design. Transformation needs spread across multiple value chains, and many high-tech companies are looking for experienced partners.

These new trends are covered in Avast High Technology Industry Digital Services 2021–2022 RadarView ™. The report is a comprehensive survey of high-tech digital service providers in the high-tech space, taking a closer look at the latest trends, analytics, recommendations and leaders, creators, innovators and challengers in this market.

Avasant evaluated 35 suppliers using three-dimensional approaches, experienced maturity, partner ecology, and investments and innovation. Of these 35 suppliers, 19 have the highest prices in the last 12 months.

Congratulations to Winnie Tiru, ​​head of Avastant’s high-tech industry, who said: With growing opportunities and rapidly changing demand levels, companies must continue to innovate to provide a better customer experience.

Some of the findings from the full report include:

High tech companies should:

1. Accelerate the industry 4.0 transition to streamline processes and reduce costs.

  • Digitalizing processes on value chains such as AI, product design, IoT, and automation to save costs and efficiency.
  • Use advanced-gene technologies such as immersive reality for remote collaboration and automation robots to perform repetitive tasks to reduce human dependence and error.

2. Improve their GTM strategy to reflect customer experience and expectations.

  • Analyze customer preferences, purchase styles, and needs to provide personalized products (laptops and smartphones) and value-added services (boots for customer service).
  • Introduce “as a service” models to reduce financial burdens, provide up-to-date and regular security and increase device flexibility to meet customer expectations.

“Digital transformation is a key factor in opening up the growth opportunities of high-tech companies and identifying new sources of revenue,” said Parnita Singh, senior analyst at Avast. “The right service provider can be a real incentive in places where many technologies are invested in gaming and investment.”

The full report includes a list of 19 service providers, radar view profiles, solutions, services and experience in assisting high technology companies with digital transformation.

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