India’s small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the country’s economy. The division was severely hit by the epidemic, and digital adoption became critical to coping with the many waves of the CVD-19 epidemic.

“In the past, for SMS, the online ‘do I have to?’ Or ‘I don’t understand?’ But after the epidemic, “I have,” said Nickel Aurora, MD and VP, Godadi India, at TechSparks 2021, Asia’s largest and most influential start-tech event. Your story.

When discussing the topic of ‘digital division of small businesses’, Internet consumption has increased by 13 percent in India, not only in cities one, but also in cities II and III, as well as rural areas. India currently has more than 560 million Internet users, with an estimated 900 million by 2025, with most of the next generation coming from non-English speaking parts of the country.

Wide width

India has 65 million SMBs in India, and according to Nickel, 10-12 million are online, so players like GoDaddy are also huge.

“There is a wide and long run and people in the same business with us have a lot of chances to get into the trap without having to be afraid,” he said.

Nick adds that GoDaddy supports the entrepreneurial dream. “As they dream of starting a business, the platform will help them choose that name and start their digital journey by launching a website.”

The key difference is that GoDaddy provides awareness of the product and provides 24×7 customer care.

What’s next?

GoDaddy now has over one million customers in the Indian market and the Nickel platform accounts for 45 percent of the market and 85 percent of product awareness.

He said digital adoption in the market will increase by 25-30 percent, adding that audio and regional language content will be useful in the near future, especially in rural areas. Automation is another reason to drive.

“It doesn’t take many thousands and millions of rupees to build your dream right now; all you need to do is take a little step forward. Over the next few years, I have seen 10-12 million SMBs grow to 30-35 million,” Nickel said.

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