Sarah Sedgman, Founder and CEO Learn from expertsLaunched in 2019, the new product LEAi (LearnExperts Artificial Intelligence) will help course creators become more efficient in creating courses, automatically incorporate best practices and bring them to market faster in a matter of days.

Sarah started her career with the goal of launching LearnExperts, becoming a self-financing business and growing her business in her own way.

However, with the outbreak and changes in the way we work, many businesses have created digital learning products to serve their inner team with training courses or to sell digital learning products to external clients. Market changes put pressure on LearnExpert’s product demand, and Sarah realized she needed to change her boot goals quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.

As a result, Sarah turned her attention to her main asset, quickly building her product, successfully raising $ 1.25 million, tripleing LearnExperts and accelerating.

The device, LEAi, accelerates the normal process of retrieving content that is not designed for training, achieves rapid course creation and converts it into ready-made course, and then goes through the final product for human testing. LEAi helps course creators build courses using artificial intelligence (AI). The product helps to create a course from materials such as blogs or presentations to quickly produce content to enable their customers to quickly train people on their solutions and generate revenue faster. Through LEAi, you can convert general training guidelines with accuracy, efficiency and simplicity into micro-courses.

If you are trying to build a business quickly, Sarah offers the following tips.

1. It is OK to change your plan

LearnExpert’s original plan was to launch the business. When product demand was still high and people wanted to buy it, they had to quickly adjust their strategy and mobilize capital to support business growth. As markets change forever, a company must respond to what is being said. You need to listen and follow when the market tells you to do something else.

2. Ask for advice

When they do not have enough information to make a decision, the best entrepreneurs know that they need professional advice. You can’t be an expert on everything and you need a village to build a business. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

3. Build your network

It is a network connection that helps you connect with like-minded people and build trust with those who have supported you for a long time.

4. Build a high-performance team

As a beginner, it can be challenging to buy a good talent, but if you look for ways to attract money and spend less money, you can make it a success. There are financial and financial support, and you need to get it.

5. Always check your solution with the market

Sarah wanted to bring the best product to market, so she tried the product and valued the feedback she received from customers. She knows it’s important to take the time to understand customer feedback and build a value-added product that customers can use.

The point is, building a business is not the way you plan it to be, but if you show resilience and meet market demand, you can build a better version of your business plan.