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From third-party data and purchase features to SEO, paid purchases, advertising bidding strategies, voice search and more, big changes are taking place in ecommerce marketing. Learn more about the 2022 trends in this VB live event.

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Accelerating the unpredictable media landscape into mobile, streaming and content consumption has hampered digital marketing. Privacy improvements are making things more complicated. But not everything is dark – the amazing consumer demand for digital channels is growing, and that’s why smart marketers still have a place.

“The landscape creates not only how they market their products and services, but also the opportunities for digital marketers who understand the technical aspects of their own channels and how they can make a difference in the business,” says Rob Webb. Smart Home Gym, a company that currently prides itself on being the spokesperson for LeBron James, is owned by Tonal Development SVP.

It is not surprising that the tonsils have grown tremendously since the onset of the epidemic – 8X per year. But to get there, they say, they rely heavily on their internal marketing analytics and forecasting capabilities.

“Our team has a deep understanding of the channels that work within it, and we can make sure we have good marketing decisions. It’s good for our business.”

Why marketers should be technologists

Whether or not you have an AI and analytics team, it is important to understand the AI ​​and machine learning you are playing in the systems you run every day and try to see how you can get in. Machine learning algorithms used in the forums and channels you are targeting. These days it is even more important as the level of technical complexity working in the world market is increasing and increasing.

Marketers who understand how their business works, from whom consumers think of their products, but who understand the technical capabilities and limitations of the platforms in their arsenal can add value to businesses trying to pass today, Webb says.

“Digital marketer, brand marketer, product marketer or content

You have to push yourself to have a deeper understanding of what a marketer, technician is.

You control the capabilities of the devices and channels – and you don’t trust anyone else to tell you. “” Get information and get advice, but you need that knowledge on your own. “

Challenges and opportunities in the current media landscape

And here’s what smart marketers have to look for in a fast-paced media landscape. TV viewing is still the biggest channel, but it is rapidly declining. Although sport is a bright place, the The Tokyo Olympics are down 40 percent Major TV viewers are expected to attend the Rio Summer Olympics and the Beijing Summer Olympics. With traditional Mega-Brand Target Ratings (TRP) and General Rating Ratings (GRP), the model is getting stronger and launching merchandise for digital marketers looking for a place to spend dollars. Under stress. That cost is being pushed to other channels that measure in different ways.

“It’s complex to navigate, but it’s a great opportunity for marketers who want to wrap their arms around themselves and push themselves to understand the mechanics of their channels and internal analytics teams and integrate that information into their business. ”Says Webb.

Over the past two or three years, there has been an opportunity for platforms such as Reddit to produce fairly powerful advertising tools. This is especially important behind subscription models that have cut off the TV and broadcast world with services like Hulu and YouTube Premium. That model is now being moved to the podcast by Wondery, and this is bound to continue, says Webb, and is something that digital marketers should pay close attention to.

“I don’t think subscription models blink,” he explains. “Considering what other assets we use as a digital marketer based on the advertising media model, which of them will be a non-ad-supported model – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on? Why not? I am.

Another interesting trend is web notes on Google purchase and how this affects the paid search. While it is clear that Google is investing heavily in Google Marketing, it still provides less control over marketers.

“How to use Google Marketing and get those rich results, but extracting the data you want to send traffic to, depending on the behavior of the users, even to the right landing page – is very difficult,” says Webb. We will now focus on two.

SEO itself is a constantly evolving landscape that marketers need to keep up with. But advances in AI are accelerating and making Google’s algorithm more flexible and complex – and only links to pages that can provide the value and quality experience that searchers want. According to Ren Lasserda, head of SEO at Carmax, a digital automation company, this SEO will further drive product management.

“Marketers need to give their Google users the time, technology and effort to understand and monitor everything they need to do in terms of their business,” he said. “And that means expanding the range of unique value we bring to Google searchers by designing, creating and delivering high-quality experiences.”

Laserda points out its impact on NLP (natural language management) and SEO. “As advances in AI increase rapidly over the next 5-10 years, if your SEO team does not monitor progress in NLP, the train may soon be missed.”

Only changes to privacy in 2021 will be added. Webb warns that both privacy and consumer preferences will increase, and advertising platform algorithms will become more sophisticated.

“There is an exciting tension between the two, and to be honest, mega-technology platforms are fighting over models with privacy improvements and algorithms,” he said. “It is the job of the market to know how to achieve success for their own business while that drama is in parallel.”

And while all of these trends are important to integrate with your 2022 strategy, it is important to avoid the challenge of creating a silent strategy for various digital marketing channels.

“User awareness and online experience will be flawless,” explains Laserda. Consider identifying deadlines between all your channels. No matter where you jump, make sure the price you bring is always there, fit and fit, users can explore online space to be free from the way they choose to explore and identify conflicts to extract metal.

To learn more about the growing marketing and advertising trends, and to understand how marketers turn challenges into opportunities, strategies and best practices, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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  • SEO Strengthening Strategies Despite Recent Algorithm Changes
  • How to increase sales using multiple purchase features
  • Recent trends in D2C / DTC ecommerce


  • Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, Chief Commercial Officer, Hydro
  • Rob Webb, SVP, growth, tone
  • Ren Lacerda, Head of SEO, CarMax
  • Gal Bar, Co-founder and CEO, yellowHEAD
  • Franco Folini (Moderator), Digital Marketing Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension