The two main versions of Windows 11 are Home and Pro for users. If you want Windows 11 Pro you can upgrade by following this guide.

Microsoft offers different versions of Windows 11, but there are two major versions for users. Windows 11 Home And Pro.

While the default version is sufficient for most users, the Pro version offers features such as business-specific features Group policy, BitLocker device encryption, Setting up kiosk mode, More. Here’s how to upgrade Windows 11 to Pro if you work from home and want advanced features.

How to upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro

Note: Upgrading your Windows version is a big change on your PC. Make sure you save the necessary files before you start and Create a new recovery point. You can then return to a working version if there is a problem during the upgrade process.

Right-click to start upgrading Windows 11 Home to Pro pin up Button and select Settings From the menu. You can also use it Keyboard shortcut Windows key + I To open settings directly.

Launch Windows 11 settings

In Settings, click System On the left, then scroll down and click Activation From the list on the right.

Windows 11 settings

Your next steps will depend on whether you have a digital product key or not. If you do not, you will need to purchase.

The key to digital production

If you already have a product key, you will need to follow these steps. in the Activation Window, the installed version of Windows and the Activation status.

Stretch Upgrade your Windows edition. Menu. If you have a digital product key, click Change Next button Change product key.

Upgrade Windows Edition

in the Enter product key Window, enter your digital product key and then touch it. next to.

Enter product key

If the product key is known, you will see a message stating that you are upgrading your version of Windows. Before you begin, make sure you save your work and any important files and close any open applications.

Click when you are ready pin up.

Start the upgrade process

The upgrade will take some time to complete, and may take several times to restart. The time it takes varies depending on your system and network connection.

The upgrade process begins

When the upgrade is complete, you will see a message announcing the success. You can confirm that you are currently running Windows Pro by going. Start> Settings> About.

Scroll down and expand “Windows details”Section to view your version of Windows.

About Windows 11 Settings System

You can also quickly verify your Windows version with the Start menu. To do this, start (or press the Windows key) and type Winner, Then press Enter.

in the About Windows You should see the window, the version number and the version of Windows 11 you are using.

Winning information

Buy Windows 11 Pro from Microsoft Store

If you want to buy Windows 11 Pro (cost about $ 99), open it Start> Settings> System> Activation. Expand it “Upgrade your Windows edition.”Section and click Open a store.

Improvements in the Microsoft Store

At this stage you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account and purchase a copy of Pro. After confirming your purchase, follow the on-screen instructions.

You will be prompted to upgrade and restart the PC. After restarting, you should see that you are currently running the Windows 11 Pro version.

Buy Pro from the Windows Store

Need Windows 11 Pro?

You may want to run the Home version as long as you do not only want the features provided by Windows 11 Pro. There is no reason to spend money on many features that you do not use. But, if you want more, upgrading to Pro is a straightforward process — it will cost you. You can compare Windows 11 versions on Microsoft website.

If you want Pro features and are buying a new PC, try getting the one that comes with pre-installed Windows 11 Pro – you don’t have to worry about upgrading.

It is also worth noting that Windows 11 comes with a variety of Pro variants. These versions of Windows 11 are typically purchased with a voice license that allows IT administrators to distribute across multiple PCs within the organization.

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