Samsung 980 PRO w/Heatsink

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Both Sony’s PlayStation 5 models come with 1 terabyte of internal storage, which is much smaller than it looks. The system allows you to access only 825GB of built-in Solid State Drive and popular games. Final Fantasy VII ፡ Re-create And Death Stranding: Cut Director Take well over 50GB. If you are committed to building a digital gaming library in this generation, sticking to the PlayStation 5 storage means choosing or deleting and re-downloading the games you find, which can take as long as your internet. Relationship.

The solution to this problem is to install additional SSD and add more storage to your PlayStation 5 storage. This allows you to store up to 2 TB of extra games on your system. Sony spoke in detail, Step-by-step instructions How to do this upgrade, which should only take about 10 minutes. You need to open the PlayStation 5, which does not require any device, and use it normally Phillips Auto Script To turn the new SSD into place.

Once the SSD is installed, the PlayStation 5 will format (delete and enable storage) and be ready to use. The new SSD works in much the same way as on your PlayStation 5, allowing you to store and play any topic from your digital gaming library. You can manage your storage. Move games from your internal drive to the new one using the “storage” setting on the PlayStation 5. It takes a few minutes to transfer games from one drive to another but it is faster than downloading a big game again.

If you run out of storage space on your PlayStation 5 or want a gift for the PlayStation player in your life, here’s what you need to get.

1. Samsung 980 PRO W / Heatsink


The most important part of this update is deciding which SSD to get. Sony has strict requirements for compatible drives. This type of drive does not overheat when reading or writing data, which occurs continuously while playing games and is very fast to match the internal speed of the PlayStation 5.

We have tried the Samsung 980 Pro With Heatsink, and we feel that if you want to upgrade your PlayStation 5 storage, you will find a drive. When the console was launched, it recognized the driver immediately, and we were able to transfer games to the 980 Pro quickly and easily. We never received an error message or noticed any slowdown when playing games off the drive. In our experience, there was no difference between a PlayStation 5 internal storage or a game on Samsung’s 980 Pro With Heatsink.

We used a 1TB model of this drive, which Samsung doubled the amount of digital space we had to work with, but Samsung provided 2TB version If you are downloading too many games. Samsung also offers this type of drive without a heater, but that is not compatible with the PlayStation 5, so you need to remove it for this purpose. We do not recommend any other PlayStation-5 compatible SSD other than Samsung’s 980 Pro With Heatsink for personal use.

Samsung 980 Pro with Heatsink
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$ 249.99

2. Startech Anti-Statistics Matt

Startech Anti-Statistics Matt


If you are working on any electronic project, it is important to make sure you are working on an anti-static floor. Persistent shock can kill your gear body, and although this is very rare, it is better to be safe than sorry. For security reasons, we recommend that you get an anti-static mat when you add SSD to your PlayStation 5.

This 24-inch Startech carpet is 27.5 inches wide and is large enough to fit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or PC. To permanently remove any built-in electricity, you need to attach a piece of metal to the grounding clip. While this component is not necessary to upgrade your PlayStation 5 storage, working on one is a great job.

Startech Anti-Statistics Matt
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$ 23.44