The CV-19 epidemic has accelerated the rapid expansion of remote workers and increased the use of digital channels. Therefore, future job opportunities will force companies to shift their focus to certification and licensing – the two main factors that will provide the basis for access to digital services.

It’s like opening doors to your digital applications. If it is too easy or difficult to open for the wrong person, it will definitely have a huge impact on your customer experience (CX) and security. Of Auth0 Identity ForumThe product portfolio in Okta is a licensing and certification platform for developers / businesses working on custom apps, generally identifying.

Why build when you can afford it.

Sometimes, it can be difficult and frustrating for developers / businesses to use their development platforms to build what they feel is a waste of time, engineering, and resources. Mid-year surveys by some forums have revealed that developers have a custom application unit heritage infrastructure rather than micro-services. Now, as the story goes, micro-services (modern) work more efficiently than ever before.

Auth0 helps prevent all of these challenges by moving them to modern infrastructure. Developers should only register as a service, and then you will be relieved of the hassle, forgetting passwords and linking back and forth. Designed for developers, once they get deep, technology will win them over. With Software Enhancement Kit (SDK) for 64+ technologies and 40+ social login options, out-of-the-box support for Federal SSO, an unconventional detection engine, 94% of Auth0 customers live in less than a month. .

Auth0 is designed for developers, by developers. The process begins when you sign up to become a tenant, for example, when you check them out, you are using apps that you have already started, or languages, etc. The platform is built on a server-free infrastructure (embedded code). 90% of the work is done for developers, and the last 10% can be customized. Finally, the product scale extends up to 2 billion certificates per ENT business, providing certification security by identifying bad actors.

Destructive myths

It is a common myth that it is cheaper to build and manage SaaS than to use it. However, the reality is that it is a problem that needs to be solved and it does not need to be built, and the best developers that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCCO) are focusing on innovation rather than identity.

India has a lot of technology, and often, they want to build it all. But why build when you can afford it? Cost is another significant factor that makes customers reluctant to use SaaS. Auth0 has made its accounts available for the Indian market, taking into account the income of each customer and the economy.

A.D. November 25, 2021 Webinar will be held on.Why build when you can afford it.. ” As a basis for providing access to digital services, identity and authentication.

To sum up, what could be the key elements of the webinar?

  • Switch app stack to modern identity if it does not affect customer experience.
  • Synchronize security features with CX.
  • Digital Experience Forum and Real Workforce Identification.

Follow the link below to register:

The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product portfolio in Okta, takes an advanced approach to identity and allows companies to provide secure access to any application. Auth0 is a very customizable platform for development teams as simple and flexible as they want. Waiting for billions of transactions per month Auth0 provides comfort, privacy and security for customers to focus on innovation.