new York–(Highlighting, A leading integrated customer experience platform, today announced its latest innovative features Customer voice VoC Solutions provides AI solutions that enhance customer experience and improve VoC usage issues in marketing, product, sales and customer service teams. The new updates include pre-packaged integrated survey frameworks for marketing, digital, product, e-commerce and social media teams to measure campaign effectiveness, gather feedback, identify product trends and highlight shopping experiences.

‚ÄúCustomer expectations are higher than ever. Listening to your audience in this new era of customer experience is critical to a brand’s success. Businesses need to find new CX solutions that allow them to respond to their customers’ needs in an instant. President and Chief Product Officer Alex George.

“We have built the latest Emplifi VoC to provide customer experience capabilities that enable CX teams to identify trends and make quick decisions by focusing on innovation and changing our customers’ needs when changing needs,” George added.

The newly added decision-making AI tool in the Emplifi VoC platform is constantly listening to survey responses to identify important trends and themes, allowing brands to actively solve any CX issues. The information and customer information collected by Emplifi VoC is easily accessible to team managers and administrators through a familiar dashboard.

Emplifi VoC is now available in the Emplifi Unified CX Cloud, a comprehensive customer experience platform that provides brands with the tools they need to meet customer expectations.

Software Solutions Doug Ripi and other CX experts highlight the latest VOS features at the SOCAP Conference during a panel discussion. Emplifi will be sponsoring this year’s SOCAP Conference in Clearwater Florida, October 17-20, 2021.

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