Impossible foods are on the package. Now following the famous explosion success Impossible burger A few years ago the company was engaged in the expansion of plant-based (and surprisingly meat-like) proteins and today introduced a new product: Impossible Meatballs.

The company said in a statement: “Impossible meatballs are ready-made and fully prepared, and they work perfectly in everyone’s favorite meatball recipes – from spaghetti to meatball addiction.” “Each meatball is a mix of custom-made burgers and sausages as well as delicious home-made desserts. [The meatballs] Come in a reusable refrigerated bag and get ready to reheat through the oven, microwave, stove, or oven – a quick and convenient meal or snack.

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In many ways this ad is common. Many types Impossible burger And Impossible sausageThese new meatballs are designed to mimic the appearance, feel and taste of ground beef. They are also known for their relatively low carbon footprint – “less than 75% less land, 85% less water and 90% less greenhouse gas emissions than animal-based meatballs” Impossible in its own life cycle analysis.

But in other ways, this ad is completely different. Unlike Impossible Burger, which was only available at a handful of restaurants from the beginning and has been around for the first time in years, Impossible Meatballs will be widely available in the next few weeks in a new partnership. With Walmart.

A table with an impossible meatball on it

“With the arrival of Walmart stores and more retailers this month, the new Impossible Metball Balls will be on the verge of expanding Walmart’s impossible foods. In more than 3,000 places. Products based on your favorite herbs.

Perhaps the most interesting difference is the price. Impossible burger products currently cost 67 cents per ounce ($ 1299 for a 12-ounce packet), and a 14-ounce Impossible Meatballs package is set to sell for $ 6.48 – approximately 46 cents per ounce. That reduction is not enough to make animal-based meatballs cheaper, but it is certainly moving in the right direction, and it is an encouraging sign that plant-based meat will become more affordable in the future.

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