Indianapolis, November 15, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Marathon Health, Employer Health Organization, Venkatraman “Vekat” J. Chitor, Chief Technology Officer, has announced an increase. Chitor leads the development, launch and scale of digital products and health services to provide superior patient experience and predictable results.

Marathon Health has made a name for itself in the industry, primarily by networking health centers in well-known malls and in the near future for any product – virtual care model health consultants with advanced care teams, including providers, health coaches and behavior.

“We are leading a patient-first approach to improving healthcare based on strong provider relationships,” said Marathon Health CEO and co-founder. Jeff Wells, MD. “Venkat has a strong track record in accessing care, changing and designing personalized and more affordable solutions. Our patients need improved digital equipment and virtual access. Says Wales.

Chitor has over 25+ years of experience in technology and product development for large and emerging companies, including Microsoft, Delta Dental, Integrated Ventures and Vera Health, which has led digital transformation, product development and customer experience.

Chitur’s love of value-added care led him to join the Marathon Health. “We face three major challenges in delivering value-based care: patient trust, repetitive outcomes, and digital innovations. Chitor

Marathon Health will continue to promote the Ignite platform to predict and identify people with chronic health problems and to make the right intervention to achieve better health and financial outcomes.

“Since 2005, we have been improving our value-added care model and leading a series of results,” Wales added. “The secret to our success is simple – we hire the best care teams and give them time to connect with their patients on any channel that patients feel most comfortable with. Those relationships lead to real behavioral changes and health care costs. It helps us achieve our vision of changing for the better, one patient at a time.

Marathon Health is the only company that provides real-world network solutions to employers and supports revenue-related performance guarantees based on patient engagement, service experience, health outcomes and savings. This type of value-added care is critical to diverting voice-based care from the healthcare industry.

Marathon Health has a partnership with employers. America To provide a comfortable and focused health care experience on driving the right behavioral change that leads to better health outcomes and savings. Employers set an average. $ 2,000 For every employee involved in marathon health, saving the average company $ 11 million. Marathon Health offers advanced primary care solutions in more than 265 space, network and virtual health centers in 42 states. Marathon Health has been named Best in KLAS 2021 and 2020 for outstanding performance in Worksite Health Services. For more information, please visit www.