If the model FASTWHEEL EVA Pro was excellent, the new EVA electric unicycle with wider tire is simply extraordinary.

This modification also involve an increase in foreign wheel size of 12 inches that had up to 14 inches, gets an equivalent of an electric unicycle with two wheels but handling stability and ride comfort that is only achieved with unicycles with an only wheel.
The whole process of evolution has been possible thanks to having maintained regular contact with users of electric wheels and improvement approaches, derived from this communication.
The goal of Fastwheel is to produce electric wheels useful reliable and secure; we understand that what matters is the quality and put technology at the service of users, FASTWHEEL develop products in this line to the Electric Mobility
FASTWHEEL, advocates to market the products with the best relation quality/ price, the care and the control is especially demanding surpassing the different regulations and production processes what are optimized to get the best result
The preservation of the environment is another objective of FASTWHEEL, if the use of electric unicycles became widespread in the personal mobility as far as possible we could significantly reduce pollution. From these lines invite you to test the electric wheel it is a truly fun and practical alternative.
The new tire widest in the electric unicycle Fastwheel EVA allows:
– The version of the new tire on the electric unicycle is designed for more weight of the user. Ideal for people over 70 kilos of weight
– About one third of the thickness of the tread is significantly deeper.
– The electric unicycle with the wider tire has greater surface contact with the ground and significantly improves the balance. Directly and without any auxiliary support, you can be able to learn. The wider tire provides a sense of stability, obviously, a lot of obstacles are discussed in greater security.
– The new version of electric scooter also improves the wheel pedal height, allowing making turns very smoothly, it is the perfect solution
– With this tire, the electric wheel, corresponds to a 14-inch wheel.