Riding with FASTWHEEL EVA Self Balancing electric unicycle or electric wheel

The electric unicycle with 312Wh battery allows real autonomy of more than 35 Km in the field of medium difficulty and a driver weight of 70 kg; It is important to note this because the circular design to this equipment, can to do the distances without fatigue or difficulty is very ergonomic, and reliable due to design and driving characteristics. When driving a Fastwheel electric unicycle no movements are not perfectly controlled, the equipment in normal operation makes not strange never and is very safety. On the other hand we have a strong equipment that resists any shock without damage. The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle could be defined from its reliability, design and robustness, allows learning, is really driving, easier and safer, we have an electric unicycle who invites handling test and only requires a small exercise will to any of us can handle it without problems. From these lines we invite you to try it is a unique experience.