Fastwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicyle

EVA FASTWHEEL electric unicycle is a perfect team for personal mobility, lightweight, can travel without recharging 12 kilometers in its basic version and 35 in the Pro Plus version. The electric unicycle ergonomic design is easier driving without fatigue, it is tough and durable due to the quality of the materials used, incorporating the latest technology and enables environmentally friendly move.

The technical chapter specially care is therefore both mechanical components, hardware components or software defined according to the most updated parameters and selecting high quality materials, always within the CE standards, all it has ensured that the team FASTWHEEL EVA is a benchmark in the market.

Learning is facilitated with training wheels for the first few hours and although it may seem difficult it really is not a person gets moderately agile operate the equipment in a few hours and if you know how to ski for example in less; it is advisable to always use the safety belt system checked.

If you think the future is to preserve the environment and the way you like fun we recommend you do not run out enjoy one FASTWHEEL EVA.