Indian startup Mensa Brands has risen to $ 1 billion in Unicorn in just six months and is becoming more and more profitable, the founder told CNBC.

Direct to Consumer Brands has become the fastest-growing company in Indian history this week after closing its $ 135 million B Series B subsidy at $ 1 billion.

The fund, run by Falcon Age Capital, will raise $ 300 million in total debt and equity.

“In the first six months, the operation was profitable,” said Anant Narayanan, founder.Road signs Asia“On Thursday.

Digital: Growing First Brands

Mensa Brands is active in acquiring digital-first brands and expanding them locally and overseas. It currently has 12 brands in three key categories: fall fashion, home and beauty and personal care.

“We have achieved a lot by accelerating the brands, which is why the business is valued at a reasonable price,” Narayana said.

Narayanana, a former chief executive of Indian fashion e-commerce company Mintara, said the brand is characterized by quality founders, loyal customers and an annual revenue of $ 1 million to $ 10 million.

Anant Narayanan, Founder of Indian Brand Mens Brands

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“In the last six months, we have been able to grow our product brands in the North by more than 100% in the past six years through technology, production, digital marketing, and I think that was the key,” he added. .

In the next 12 months, Narayanan said the company plans to double its existing firm with 30 more brands.

“These markets are very deep … [they’re] With $ 120 billion in offline and offline revenue in the North, Narayana said:

IPO plans ‘on the road’

The rapid growth of Mensha Brands is part of India’s growing ecosystem with digital adoption and better access to private capital.

There are currently about 70 beginners in India who agree with Unicorn Goldman Sachs estimate. More than a third said they would reach $ 1 billion by 2021.

Digital Payments Platform PaytmThe first public offering of $ 2.5 billion, one of India’s first technological breakthroughs, was unveiled on Thursday – more than ever in the country. His Shares are down 24 percent On the main business day.

Mensa Brands Narayanana’s company does not plan to use this public market in the first place. However, he said the company has big growth ambitions and said the official list could be “on the road”.

“Absolutely, on the road, the answer is we will go public,” Narayanan said. “We are a brand. We want to create what I mean by Universal version or digital first brands index.”

—NBC’s Saheli Roy Chuduri contributed to this report.