Held annually Indigo Design Award It is an international competition for projects in the fields of graphic design, digital, mobile and branding. Concepts and complete designs that are five years old or less are eligible to fall into one of six categories: graphic design, digital design printing UX and UI, mobile design, brand and design for social change.

Ann Honorable Judges Everyone in the digital design world will judge your creative work. And the authors emphasize that they are looking for original and imaginative works. In their own words: “Just as Indigo Orchid is unique in its natural beauty and unique beauty, we are also looking for unique projects that illuminate an unusual work of art.”

You only have until November 30 to enter and use this year’s pre-bird deadline. You will find full details on how to do it over here. In the meantime, here are some of the best works from last year’s winners to inspire you.

Winner Digital Design Light Live Subway Maps by Work & Company

We all struggle to find public transportation in a city we do not know. And so the live subway maps are the winner in the 2021 Digital Design category. The New York subway system is the result of MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) partnering with Transit Innovation to create the first real-time live map. The app uses Massimo Vignieli’s graphic design with Hertz with geographical and organic curves, but it is powered by technology to make the map more relevant to our day.

Mobile Design of the Year Travel Travel App on Z1 and Field Travel

Legal therapies based on the safe consumption of psychedelics are now one of the most exciting psychological practices. And Field Tripp, a leading company in the field, has partnered with Digital Production Studio Z1 to create Trip, a supportive digital device for those who are looking for a change in consciousness but cannot access one of their clinics – based medical programs. The app, created by a team led by Manuel Ortega, allows you to plan ahead, listen to AI-generated music, access audio recordings when you stumble, study analysis of your progress over time, and read scientifically based educational content. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት። Research and Shamanic Art.

Graphic Design Winner Guide Guide at Shillington Education

The key to digital design is to make it easier to get the right information quickly, and here’s a good example. The guide, created by Anthony Wood, Shanti Sparrow and Emily Comfort, is an online platform for supporting materials for the Shillington Graphic Design course.

This includes content created by hundreds of educators around the world over 20 years, including more than a thousand handbooks, technical advice, industry best practices, case studies, and manuals, to refine more content. Therefore, the guide uses the design of the UI carefully and brightly to make everything accessible and searchable to Shillington students and students.

Intentionally fighting misinformation on Covide-19 for the Social Change Design of the Year

The epidemic is the biggest story in ten years, and for most of our lives, it is no wonder that this year’s social change is a major focus. But when there are so many projects related to Kovid, the winner in this category really has to be unique. The award is a joint venture with United Nations agencies, UN data centers, influencers, civil society, social media platforms, businesses and media companies to combat copyright infringement. So far, the campaign has reached more than one billion people in more than 130 countries, with more than 250 organizations working together.

Freelancer of the Sunny of the Year by Kees Bakker

Agencies are not the only ones that can win the Indigo Design Award, which is very clear in the Freelaner category of the year. This year’s winner is Kees Bakker, a Kickstater-backed sun visor that can be hung in front of your window. After charging during the day, the light can be used in three places to illuminate your room at night: sunrise, sunlight and sunset. The graphics and logo of the campaign play a role in the shape and color of sunlight and convey a bright, bright and bright future.

Discovery Year of the Year

In some parts of the world, including Indonesia, victims of rape are routinely blamed. The Tiffany Raffles Design Institute Singapore project is aimed at highlighting the issue, encouraging victims to speak out, expressing support, and ultimately ending the culture of stigma. This project aims to guide women on how to deal with this issue in the future. Tiffany’s main goal was to remind people that it was never a victim of a crime and to encourage them to talk about their sexual assault and to let them know that they were not without help and support.

Branding of the Year: The Grace Sunset is not a collection.

Grace’s collection was a comprehensive case study by Not Real. A versatile creative studio focused on art direction and animation. Make women feel good, healthy and safe on their own skin, and encourage women to think that self-care is the new self.