San Francisco – Instakart, North America’s leading online grocery store, Mercedes Copy Levine, president and CEO of New York Times, and co-founder and CEO of Home Care Support, have announced that they will join the company. board of directors. Cop Levine helped change Times to become a fast-growing digital business. She is an experienced executive who expands subscriptions and builds on in-depth work on the challenges facing consumer products and brings in cross-border teams. Sarafan brings in-depth knowledge to Instarkart by creating and advising customer markets, rethinking and working in highly complex industries.

“We are proud to welcome Meredith and Lily to the Board of Directors of Instarkart. Meredith Knowledge and Interest is launching and expanding digital products with major subscription models. As we continue to grow our service and value our customers more, our unique vision of Instacart Express will serve as a driving force. Lily specializes in building sustainable and sustainable businesses in complex industries. According to FDG Simo, CEO of Instacart, she will bring invaluable experience by building technology into daily operations and supporting thousands of leading employees to make their markets more accessible and affordable. “Meredith and Lily, along with the rest of the Instarkart board, will continue to serve as a retail facilitation platform and help us value our partners, customers and customers more.”

Cope Levine is currently the President and CEO of the New York Times Company, leading the company’s overall business strategy and directing its global operations. Previously, she served as the New York Times Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all major businesses, subscriptions, advertising, events and transit digital product development.

A.D. Prior to joining the New York Times in 2013, Kopit Levine spent five years at Forbes, where she worked as a publisher and chief revenue officer. She is a member of the Henry Crown at the Aspen Institute.

“I look forward to being a member of the Board of Directors of Instarkart,” Coptit Levine said. “Having worked as a journalist for over 20 years, I saw firsthand the digital evolution of the industry, which has been important in people’s daily lives for centuries. Similarly, grocery is in its own important evolutionary process, and I believe Instarkart can play an important role in the digital transformation of their industry. I look forward to joining the board and working with Fiji and the rest of the leadership team.

Sarafan is the founder and CEO of Home Care Assistance, leading the company from its earliest days in the care industry with over 10,000 employees in North America. As a co-founder, former CEO and now CEO, Sarafan has contributed to a new, unique integrated aging approach – supported by a community of more than 10,000 front-line caregivers – that fully addresses the care of the elderly. As a result, Home Care Assistance is recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing women’s ownership companies worldwide.

Sarafan currently serves on the board of directors of Thumbtack and Kyo. She also serves on the Stanford University Board of Trustees and is a founding partner of Project BIG ፡ Stanford Breen Immune Gut Initiative. Seraphim, the governor of California’s Alzheimer’s Task Force, will serve in a variety of leadership roles to promote good health and well-being, economic development and job creation, and informed civic engagement.

“Instacart has launched an innovative and sustainable model that supports the entire grocery industry – from retailers and brands to customers and consumers – and I am proud to be joining a board of directors,” said Sarafan. “As a customer, I have personally seen how Instacart adjusts the way families access and discover new foods. As an entrepreneur, I know that driving innovation in the industry is not an important and often profound part of everyone’s life. I have been impressed by Instacart’s role as a major partner in the wider grocery industry, enhancing the experience of retailers and customers. I look forward to supporting the team as Instacart continues to make online grocery shopping a part of everyday life for more people in North America.

Copit Levine and Sarafan join Instagram’s board of directors, which includes Instakart CEO Fiji Simon. The founder and CEO of Instacart Apoorva Mehta; Barry McCarty, chief financial officer of both Spotify and Netflix; Daniel Sundheim, Founder and CIO of D1 Capital Partners; Frank Slothman, Chairman and CEO of Snowflakes; Michael Moritz, member of Sequoia Capital Management; And Jeff Jordan, managing partner of Andres Horos.

Instacart is now partnering with more than 700 national, regional and local retailers to deliver more than 65,000 stores and collection services in more than 5,500 cities in North America, including unique brands. Instacart is available to more than 85% of American households and 90% of Canadian households.

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Instacart is North America’s leading online grocery platform. Instacart Consumers provide on-day delivery and assembly services for individuals and families engaged in the United States and Canada to bring fresh groceries and daily necessities. Instacart has partnered with more than 700 popular national, regional, and local retailers, including unique brands, to provide more than 65,000 stores in more than 5,500 cities across North America. The Instarkart Forum is available to more than 85% of American households and 90% of Canadian households. The company’s cutting-edge enterprise technology enhances the ecommerce platforms of some of the world’s largest retailers, supporting their white label websites, apps and shipping solutions. Instacart offers Instacart Express membership, which includes reduced service charges and unlimited free shipping on orders over $ 35. Visit Intern for more information Visit anyone who wants to become an Instacart consumer