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One of the most important things for a business today is to have strong digital skills. From sales to interactions, after sales support, everything has a digital-first experience. – Ropa Jairaman, Odessa

Just a few hundred years ago, there seemed to be a breakthrough in the information world. We are at a historic moment in technological advancement. – Ravi Chhabria, NetApp India

Automating various platforms such as collaboration forums, payment platforms, service platforms should all come together as a connected service. – Amrish Kumar Jain, Tally Solutions

Email is not designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Email, now 50 years old, has not yet arrived. – Brian D’Souza, Slack

Interactive issues, not just content creation. Make the content more engaging. – Anoop Kumar Bhat, AWS India

There is no computer with AI that says what can I do to make the world better. – Steve Wozniak

HTML-based games are also on the riseā€¦ It is mobile, mainly focused on non-gamers. – Prithvi HV, Gamezop

It is the future, everyone is moving to serverless tasks or serverless architecture. – Vikas Raina, Oracle

We see blockchain coming up to be used on the loyalty factor and to reduce leakage. – SAP

Assets like cryptocurrency should be safe and secure, and keeping them in a hot and cold wallet is more important than keeping them in an exchange. – Pranav Sharma, Woodstock Fund

NFTs now have three lifts: art, scarcity and community. – Sai Krishna VK, Skapik

Ensuring user protection and partner trust are key, especially in the crypto world. – Ashing Singale, CoinSwitch Kuber

We need to force companies to report on cyber attacks and this will help reduce potential threats. – Jaya Balo, avast

How secure your data is is the key to all innovations. More information is being generated by both banks and Fintech. – Arun Tiku, Cash Free Payments

With about 350 percent of violations, such as violent attacks, password breaches, and accidental leaks, there is no doubt that cyber security is gaining traction among BFSI organizations. – Rohit Midha, Lenovo

Application security must be viewed as an oxygen ventilator for your business to continue to breathe stress-free. – Venkatesh Sundar, Indusface

Sometimes developers use ‘Band Aid’ to fill in the gaps in the connection database, but that’s not enough. – Mohit Bhargava, MongoDB

E-grocery accounts for less than one percent of India’s total retail trade. – Shan Cadaville, FreshToHome

Earlier, for SMBs, ‘I understand?’ Was the idea. Or ‘I don’t understand?’ But after the plague, ‘I have to.’ – Nikhil Arora, GoDaddy India

D2C game requires complete control of end-to-end consumer data. When brands start to sell a lot in the online marketplace, they don’t have that complete information. – Bhavna Suresh, 10 Club

D2C brands use information and insights better than their traditional counterparts and these insights help them work better on product innovation. – Sakshi Chopra, Sekoya India

It is now common in Indonesia to accept digital payments and make online purchases. – Krishna Menon, Bukukas

Use data perceptions correctly. Do not think of payment as a transaction. – Manasseh Mishra, PayU India

The ability to understand information is so importantā€¦ that is why cloud and game analytics are so important. – Vicas Gulti, Jumbo Games

While there have been significant advances in cloud computing and mobile technologies, the information is not limited to corporate data centers, which means that the perimeter of the enterprise has fallen. – Adam Boonton, Wander

Fragmented systems and proprietary data formats make integration difficult and create a silent stack, which increases the complexity of data architecture. – Pramod Rajagopal, Databrick

The importance of information sharing is important for human life to grow and flourish. – Brandon Rowberry, Esther Health Care

Data is certainly a great strength and advantage in the digital world. The tools are available; It’s about using them for real use issues and looking for business issues to help customers. – Enbasekar D, Medibuddy

ML Engineering should not be performed or developed in isolation. It needs to join Dave Ops and other areas for better development. – VPN Nair, Google

IT leaders do not want to manage equipment, platforms and infrastructure. They want to be drivers of growth. – Daniel Fields, Lenovo

There are thousands of organizations in their ecosystem that share information and share it abroad to generate revenue. – Sumeet Tandure, Snowflake

Integration is the main difference. – Sumeet Mehta, LEAD

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