International Automotive Engineering Conference IAEC 2021 launched.
International Automotive Engineering Conference IAEC 2021 launched.

International Automotive Engineering Conference – IAEC “Advanced Transformation in Automotive” framework; It will be held online from November 11-12, 2021 with the presence of leading names that will contribute significantly to the development of the sector and maintain the efficiency of automotive technologies. Messages with important names in the field of automotive technologies; They follow both in Turkey and around the world. At a conference on the topic of “Transformation in Automotive”; Advances in various disciplines that will shape the development of the sector, such as alternative fuel technologies, the results of the EU Green Agreement, digital product development and production technologies, competent manpower and information management in automotive, will be discussed.

The International Automotive Engineering Conference (IAEC), which features new technologies and advances in the field of automotive engineering under the microscope, is just a few days away. The conference, which will be held online from November 11 to 12, 2021 under the theme “Automatic Transformation”, will host industry dolls this year. Messages with relevant names and topics of interest in the field of automotive technologies; They follow both in Turkey and around the world. In addition, engineers and professionals working in many large companies and organizations will meet with participants in various IAEC 2021 sessions.

It is being held for the sixth time this year!

The event, organized by the Association of Automotive Industry Exporters (OEB), Automotive Industry Association (OSD), Automotive Technology Forum (OTEP), and TASAD, in collaboration with the American Automotive Engineers Association (SAE International), will be held for the sixth time this year. The conference is chaired by Dr. Dr. Dr. Sirin drives a car. The conference will be held free of charge this year with the aim of bringing together as many of the participants as possible in the process of change in the industry.

The leaders of the automotive industry make the opening!

Activity; Professor Dr. Tekkinay begins his opening remarks. In the first session of IAEC 2021, the main theme of the conference will be “Advanced change in automotive”. Session led by Prof. Dr. Tekina; The conference, which will make a significant contribution to the development of the sector, will be held at the heart of the automotive industry. OIB Board Chairman Baran Kelik, OSD Board Chairman Haidar Yenigun, TASAD Board Chairman Albert Saidam and SAE International CEO Dr. David El Schwart will discuss current and future game changes in the automotive industry.

The effects of the change in automotive will be explained!

IAEC 2021 continues the “Transformation in Automotive” session. In a session led by experienced automotive journalist Okan Altan; Dr. Ali Ufuk Peker, CEO of Adastec Corp., Dr. Emre Kaplan, Director of the AVL Software and Automated Driving Techniques Department, and Dr. Ohio State University Faculty. Ahead of the ICCT “Fuel Explorer” session, Chelsea Baldino delivers a keynote address. Ernur Mutlu, President of Automotive Technology Platform (OTEP), Bernhar Razer, Managing Director of AVL Truck & Bus ICE Power Systems, Ontar Strategic Development Director, Senk Ivren Cooker, Cock University Faculty Member, Dr. Kane Erke and FE Consulting GmbH General Manager Thomas Ludiger will attend.

Day Two at IAEC 2021!

Second day of IAEC 2021; Speech by TOGG CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş will begin and will then continue with the “Digital Product Development and Production Technologies” session. The moderator of this session is Dr. Mustafa Ilhan Gockler, a member of the METU faculty; . There will be panel discussions. The afternoon event was hosted by the European Commission’s CSO doctor. It begins with a keynote address by George Pereira, entitled “Implications for the European Green Agreement”. Prof. Dr. ACEA Commercial Vehicles Director Thomas Fabian, TEPAV Regional Studies Program Director, TEPAV Global CEO Dr. Guvin Sack and Şahin Ardiyok from BASEAK partner will discuss.

From qualified manpower to information management in automotive!

MቢDEK Founding Member Erbil Piesin’s speech will be preceded by a panel entitled “Automotive Trained Manpower”. During a session chaired by Sheriff Keinar, Honorary President of Corner Ferry; Mercedes-Benz Turkey Director of Human Resources Betul Choribasioglu Yaprak, Orhan Holding Vice President of Human Resources Ivram Bayam Pakis, and ABET CEO Michael Miligan will be present as negotiators. Haidar Vral, Tofas, Director of Business Solutions for Turkish Automobile Manufacturers Forum, adjusts the session on “Data Management and Artificial Intelligence Automotive”. Speakers of the session will be Berat Furkan Youse, Toyota Motor Europe Software Project Manager, AWS Technology Officer Hassan Bahir Akirmak, Related Digital CEO Sedat Kili and OREDATA CTO Cenk Okan Ozpay. At IAEC 2021, Professor Dr. Cirin concludes his closing remarks.