JetSyntheses announces new appointments in the leadership team. (File image: iStock)

Digital, Entertainment and Technology Company; JetSynthesys He announced his appointment Rohit Potphode, Chandresh Sampat And Nilanjan Mukherjee To their leadership team.

Potfood joins as president – has over 18 years of experience in building, expanding and maintaining global revenue and delivery and new revenue models in brands, agencies and publishing partnerships.

Sampath has been a senior vice president of corporate development and has more than 23 years of experience in manufacturing, retail, luxury and venture capital.

“I have been a sportsman and a sports evangelist for a long time,” said Potford. When I was a child and played recklessly, I realized the urgency of the game. That, along with my exposure to the business side of the game and posting, makes this profile such a compelling and fun endeavor. I am humbled and happy to join JetSynthesys and be part of the global development history under Rajan. I’m sure it will be a wonderful trip. I look forward to having some fun with the team! ”

Sampatt added, “I am excited to have the opportunity to lead the Jetsinsis Corporate Division and to accelerate our business by working with a team of high-performance and passionate individuals. Together with Rajan and Jensin’s senior leadership, we will try to expand existing partnerships and develop new ones.

“I am delighted to be in Jetsinis and play a role in the transformation of the industry. I look forward to drawing on my past experience and knowledge and working with the team to take the business to the next level,” said Mukaraba. .

Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, JetSynthesys, “Rohit, Chandresh, and Nilanjan bring a wealth of knowledge and multi-platform experience to the market and JetSynthesys will work with me in the face of global business opportunities. Welcome to Jet Family We look forward to an exciting journey.

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