Jim Farley time Control As CEO of Ford Motor Corporation, the company was not only confronted with impatient shareholders, but also behind the turnaround of not only quality issues and attitudes, but also the transition to electric vehicles. It also explored deadly epidemics and historical supply chain shocks, crises that accelerated business transformation.

Now, just a year later, Dearborn automaker seems to be different from what it was a while ago.

Jim Farley, Michigan

Ford’s stock rose nearly 100 percent during Farley’s first year as CEO.

Detroit News

Ford Shares He grew up about 100% during his first year as CEO. The company is developing a new product portfolio that includes the vehicles, which has been widely reported recently. He went completely on electrification, with the flag he hoisted in September with him Advertisement $ 11.4 billion investment in new EV and battery manufacturing campuses in Tennessee and Kentucky. And it has plans to buy from Wall Street analysts, investors, traders and customers.

Over the past year, the car has undergone a series of high-profile events that have sparked Farley’s desire to lead the automotive industry in electricity and digital.

Ford has announced an F-150 lightning strike with more than 150,000 seats. He announced that he is working with SK Innovation to produce batteries. A.D. By 2025, it has increased its investment in electrification to $ 30 billion. He started his own commercial vehicle business. He announced the new EV and battery factories, one of the largest manufacturing investments in history.

Leaving the Blue Oval to Toyota Motor Corporation in 2007 and uplifting it – recent activities are all part of a larger shift – it shows a digital product that generates recurring revenue streams. And that plan is what he is referring to – with his leadership team, a team that is quick to recognize and loyal Ford veterans with a heavy balance of policy and technology – which he is proud of to this day.

On Friday, October 5, 2021, Ford CEO Jim Farley spoke with Kevin Johnson, Grady Jackson and Dan Badlow at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Derbor.
Robin Boxson, Detroit News

“This is not about the CEO,” he said. “I will be happy to work on this line. My job is to serve everyone at Ford. I want the team to win. And I think we have a plan and a team that will reshape Ford.”

However, the job is a very personal one for Farley, the grandson of Ford Motorist, who drives the race track in his spare time.

And even though that extra time is limited these days, Farley spends some time working at the Pope Francis Center in Detroit, an organization that serves homeless people. He is still campaigning for $ 17 million. Bridge Residence Campus Includes temporary housing, health care clinics and outdoor shelters in the Corkon area. He believes the center’s work could serve as a model for addressing the root causes of homelessness in the rest of the country.

Rev. Tim McKabe, executive director of the center, described Farley as a “shining example of ministerial leadership,” who said the organization had helped in its mission to eradicate chronic homelessness in the city.

In the meantime, if Farley seems to be in a hurry over Ford, it is only because he thinks the company can succeed and is eager to achieve the team’s plan.

We try to change the world, as Henry Ford did in Model T. Why do we want to wait? “Detroit is not waiting.”


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Jim Farley

Age: 59

WorkPresident and CEO of Ford Motor Company

EducationBachelor’s degree in Economics from Georgetown University, University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management

FamilyWife, Leah; Three children

Why celebrated: In his first year as Ford’s CEO, Farley and his team launched a new product portfolio that delights customers, improves the company’s stock price and provides a clear strategy for change.