John Dow Industries (JDI), a leading supplier and distributor of automotive aftermarket equipment and products, has announced the redesign. website. The mobile responsive website now offers an enhanced and in-depth user experience with a simple goal of helping young customers easily find the products they need.

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Innovative, the latest John website includes many ways to find products based on product search and how to find customers on each page. Each JDI unit – service equipment, flexible TPMS and back shop supplies and the EuroV vehicle exhaust – is accessible through and also has its own microcosm. Each section displays signature branding and search capabilities in all class catalogs.

One of the major features of the new website is the four digital production rooms featuring fuel handling, used oil and liquid handling, storefronts and Euro Vent. These digital product displays incorporate product display experience anytime, anywhere. When clicking on a product, visitors can view and control 360-degree images to see the features of the product more closely.

“The statement we heard was ‘We didn’t know it would sell you this’ so we have redesigned our website to help division customers find exactly what they are looking for and we have a chance to see what else we have to offer them,” said JDI President Robert Christie. “For those of you who can’t attend trade fairs now, our virtual production rooms are always open, 24/7.” provides the latest JDI news, SDS sheets, and downloadable content such as product flyers and user guides and related sections on each product page.

“Our customers believe in our quality products and we plan to live up to our reputation as a trusted source when we search for goods and services.”

JohnDow will be showcasing its new digital display components along with other highly sought-after JDI products at AAPEX in Las Vegas, November 2-4. The digital display rooms are always open.