NASSCOM expects India’s R&D sector to grow by 13% to US $ 65bn per CAGR by 2025.

The Great Software Laboratory Limited (“G.S. Laboratory”), Head of Digital Product Engineering Services, announced today that it has acquired a significant stake in the company. Kedara, A leading private equity organization. GS Lab has grown by 20% + stars in the last five years.

The investment from Kadara allows GS Lab to do the following.

  • Accelerate business growth by partnering with Kedara and Clayton, Dubilier and Rice (“CD and R”), an international private equity firm and Kedara’s JV.
  • Provide digital product engineering services to a large number of customers worldwide with free software providers (ISVs), enterprises and digital-native companies and
  • Continue to focus on core technologies to meet the digital needs of our customers and create a rich work environment for all employees.

Shridhar Schulz and Sunil Gaitonde, co-founders of GS Lab, said: We have promoted Lab to 1600+ creative people. ” The investment in Kedara allows us to build more. We use our strengths and innovative software and digital solutions in the global and Indian industries using Kedara and CD and R’s extensive network and connections.

Sunish Sharma, Kedara Associate CEO and Managing Partner, And Kadar Managing Director Parine Mehta, “Digital Transformation is one of the key investment themes for us, and we are excited to partner with GS Lab team to continue to provide their customers with the world’s best digital software products.” Skills, built a strong platform for innovation and with world-class clients.

Digital product engineering services are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. According to NASSCOM[1]India’s R&D sector is expected to grow from US $ 31 billion by 13% to US $ 65bn in CAGR by 2025. This growth is accelerated by accelerating digital digitalization in all industries. India is taking advantage of this opportunity to support international MNCs in their digital transformation efforts, with a strong focus on innovation, a large and diverse pool of capacity and unique service delivery capabilities. G.S. Lab is at the forefront of this digital transformation as a global engine for ISVs, digital startups and enterprises.

Pramod Bhasin, Operating Partner, Kedara, And former president and CEO Jenpact said: “It is clear that digital is becoming a major difference for the business of the board at the global level. It is a great place to be one of the service providers.

G.S. The laboratory operates throughout the software development cycle, from ID to design, development, implementation, deployment and support. His team of engineers and product architects provide their clients with advanced capabilities in the areas of cloud, identity management, security, IOT, IML and data sciences. The company identifies IP-led in-house accelerators through its innovative R&D culture.

G.S. “We are very happy to be working with Kedara to continue the development journey,” he said. Lab Atal Narkade, CEO, said. “We have built a culture of technology innovation and a customer-centered culture.

DC Advice He served as GS Lab’s sole financial advisor on the transaction.

About Kedara

Kedara is an operational, private equity firm that monitors and monitors investment opportunities in India. It currently invests over $ 3.9 billion in consumer, financial services, pharmaceutical, technology / business services and industries. Kadara’s operating partner model includes proven executives by building market-leading businesses that enable businesses to realize their full potential. Since its inception, Kedara has single-handedly devised its strategy of focusing on investments based on trusting the best entrepreneurs and management teams in the world’s fastest-growing markets. Kedara is a joint venture between Manish Kegriwal, Sunni Sharma and Nishan Sharma and combines the strengths of a well-connected, highly experienced domestic investment and operational team with strategic partner Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, with international private equity. The investment model combines financial capabilities with operational knowledge.

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Limited on the Great Software Lab

GS Lab is a digital product engineering service provider that helps ISVs and enterprises build, deploy and manage their digital products. For over 18 years, GS Lab has created 350+ software and digital products for its customers. Their innovative culture and customer-centered engagement model Sweat Crafts helps customers in an easy and efficient way. Headquartered in Pun, G.S. Lab has engineering centers in India, the United States and the United Kingdom, and has customers in technology, telecom, communications, networking, healthcare, financial services, real estate and various industries. The company works with ISVs and enterprises, both major market leaders and innovators, to enable them to develop and manage new digital products.

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