Kedaara acquires majority stake in Great Software Lab. (Photo: Mint)

Bengalru: Private Justice Company Kedara in the Great Software Lab Pvt. Limited (GS Lab), a digital product engineering service company in Pun, to an unknown extent.

G.S., which has grown by more than 20% in the last five years. Lab aims to accelerate business growth by leveraging Kedara’s investment to strengthen international relations with PE and its partners.

GS Lab founders Shridhar Shukla and Sunil Gaitonde said: “Over the past 18 years, GS. We have grown Lab to 1,600+ creative people. ” Investing in Kedara allows us to build on our strengths and take advantage of the growing demand for innovative software and digital solutions in the global and Indian industries, using Kedara’s extensive CD and R network.

Digital product engineering services are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. According to Nasscom, India’s R&D sector is expected to grow from $ 31 billion by 13% to $ 65 billion CAGR by 20%. This growth is being accelerated by the rapid acceleration of industrial downstream digitalization.

India is taking advantage of this opportunity to support a large number of international companies (MNCs) in their digital transformation efforts, with a strong focus on innovation, a large and diverse pool of capacity and unique service delivery capabilities.

“It is clear that digital is becoming a major difference for businesses globally. With a strong production DNA and IP-led culture, GS Lab is well positioned to be one of India’s leading digital engineering service providers.” Kedara said.

G.S. The laboratory operates throughout the software development cycle, from ID to design, development, implementation, deployment and support. His team of engineers and product architects provide capabilities to their clients in the areas of cloud, identity management, security, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI / ML) and data sciences. The company aims to identify multi-IP in-house accelerators in its innovative R&D culture.

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