Grow again, Israel, November 11, 2021 / PRNewswire – Cognata Ltd Named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honorable In the field of innovation in the smart cities by the Consumer Technology Association new York. This year’s CES Innovation Award program has won a record number of more than 1,800 entries. The announcement was made earlier. CES 2022The most influential technological phenomenon in the world, happening January 5-8 In Las Vegas, NV And digitally.

Digital Twin Simulation for Paris, taken from Konata Simulation System

The Konata simulation platform is designed to include multi-layered and all-encompassing engines. The platform automatically generates digital twins with a variety of conditions and conditions, such as motion detection, interactive and automatic verification of imported HD maps, as well as customized photographic data. Things for fast and accurate AI awareness training and certification.

Konata’s ongoing projects are being supported by key players in the Israeli ecosystem. Israel Innovation Authority Through the Avatar Concert Project, Israeli Smartphone Laboratory In collaboration with Survey Israel (MAPI) To model digital twin locations in Israel.

“Konata values ​​its involvement in the automotive ecosystem and is actively working to promote smart mobility,” he says. Danny Attson, CEO and founder of Konata. “We look forward to continuing to improve our simulation models as per the market demand, and we look forward to seeing our role as a key link between different companies to ensure safe testing and verification of smart cities’ infrastructure.”

CES Creative Rewards Program, owned and operated by Consumer Technology Association (CTA)It is an annual competition that excels in design and engineering in 27 categories of consumer technology products. Industry expert judges, including media members, designers, engineers and others, reviewed inputs based on innovation, engineering and functionality, beauty and design.

About Konata

Konata provides the fastest way to drive and test for self-driving vehicles — a virtual automation simulation platform where virtual cars travel in virtual cities, all of which are surprisingly true in real-world situations. Collaborating with some of the world’s largest automotive companies, Konata brings a world of artificial intelligence and computer-disruptive power to ADAS and the world of self-driving simulations and spans years of verification and verification.

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