The Cratus Space Solutions family of satellite operators will be able to adapt their network system from traditional hardware to more flexible, flexible and flexible architecture to adapt to service level agreements, mission goals, and operating conditions. Sales of quantum and SpectralNet products remained strong for commercial operators in Q3, and were particularly strong for customers supporting US defense and intelligence programs as well as government projects in other countries.

Blue Canyon Technologies, a leading provider of small satellites in Lafayette Colorado, has been using Quantum products this quarter to support its more than a dozen defense and business customers. The customers. “OpenSpace quantum products provide balance and economic benefits,” said Stephen Steig, chief executive of Blue Canyon Technologies. “We can quickly install and configure it and configure it quickly when you need changes to support multiple missions.” Notice of Future Statements Some statements in this press release may be “statements of the future” in the context of the 1995 Privacy Act Amendment Act. Kratos’ administration and are subject to serious risks and uncertainties. Investors have been warned not to rely too much on such futures. All such forward-looking statements are made only from the date they were made, and Kratos has no obligation to modify or amend these statements, with new information, future events, or otherwise. Although Kratos believes that what is expected of him in these future statements is reasonable, these statements include many risks and uncertainties, and the actual consequences may vary from material to material that may or may not be expressed in these future statements. For more information on the risks and uncertainties of the risks and uncertainties of Kratos trading in general, see: -Q and 8-K and other documents with Kratos.

About Kratos Defense & Security SolutionsKratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS) Develops and promotes change, affordable technology, platforms and systems for the United States National Security Related Clients, Partners and Business Enterprises. Kratos is changing the way these industries enter the market using fast-paced technology-driven approaches, active research and accelerated growth processes. Cratos focuses on satellite systems, satellite communications, cyber security, microwave electronics, missile defense, hydraulic systems, training, combat systems, and next-generation Turbo Jet and Turbo fan engines. Go to for more information. Contact Contact: Yolanda White858-812-7302 Live

History continues Kratos’ OpenSpace family of solutions includes three product lines: Open OpenSpace SpectralNet® for digital conversion; OpenSpace quantum ለመተ to replace private hardware components with virtual counterparts; And Space Platform for complete flexible, service-oriented, integrated satellite terrestrial network operations. The OpenSpace family allows its customers to understand the unique mission of their mission and business model and how to transform it into digital. Visit for more information on the Kratos’OpenSpace Flexible Landscaping Family.

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