Chesapeake-Sur-Lausanne, Switzerland and Phoenix – (Kudelski IoT, Of Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), the world leader in digital security and IT solutions, announced today that it has expanded its reach. IoT Security Workshops Include US and on-site training. The workshop, organized by Kudelski IoT Security Labs in Switzerland, will teach companies how to assess current and future threats to their products and how to protect themselves throughout their lives, especially in light of the growing global safety regulations.

Attacks on such devices increase at the same rate when connected devices are surprisingly marketable. In response, governments are responding to new regulatory requirements and guidelines related to IOT security that companies must quickly adapt to sell connected products. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, and the European Commission have issued or are issuing a series of IOT safety guidelines and guidelines that require assistance. Reduce IoT risk often in new ways for them.

“When governments start asking companies to improve their safety, we want to bring engineers to our labs and show them the real and potential risks to their products and how to reduce them.” Better knowledge in the field of practical workshops, even for experienced engineers, provides new and improved ways to protect their products when they return to their company. ”

For 25 years, Kudelsky Laboratories has been conducting security research, safety architecture design, safety assessments, and certification of digital systems. With thousands of evaluation labs, they have developed extensive evaluation techniques and capabilities to test both current hacking methods and hacking techniques. Kudelsky, who has been focusing on security since 2012, is particularly suited to provide comprehensive training to companies that want to increase their knowledge and skills to meet the growing reality of IOTT threats and regulations.

Cedric Arkenol, CEO of Sealed Air Digital Product Development, continues: “The hands-on experience provides valuable insights into what we need to consider throughout the product life cycle. It will help us. ”

“The workshop was a great experience for our team. We have learned about hacking and hacking techniques used by hackers to attack our devices from end to end using our end-to-end cloud-based technology, ”said Nizar Butchdak, a software engineer at Swiss Networks, a software engineer. Custom-made electronic software and IoT solutions. “We will use what we have learned to protect ourselves from the most common attacks, but we are happy to continue working with partners such as Kudelski IoT to protect us from further attacks.”

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