Road Media LLC – acquired by Village Voice, LA Weekly, Irwin Weekly and Gulf Marina Times parent company – The Laker / Lutz News.

Diane Kortus, publisher of Lucer / News for 21 years, announced the sale on November 9 at the company’s annual staff meeting.

The newspaper and its website have 150,000 readers and followers in the communities of Luts, Odessa, Lakes’, Wesley Chapel, Dade City and San Antonio.

Brian Cale, publisher and CEO of Street Media, attracted the attention of the newspaper and its website due to its ability to promote quality community journalism and services.

Brian Cale

“I’re curious about the Greater Tampa area. “Great Tampa area is growing. I feel that this community has the potential to grow.

“A lot of great things are happening. The opportunities are endless – you can only see that while driving. You can see the construction and new businesses entering the city.”

“Great opportunities, there is plenty,” he said.

Southeast is also an attractive place for street media viewers to invest.

The quality of community journalism in The Laker / Lutz News was an important selling point, Calle said.

“You have a community paper with a clear community, so something here is really good.

“I look forward to seeing how thick the paper is. That is rare. ”

In many ways, according to Calle, The Lace News “could be a model for another place.

The newspaper was recognized by the Florida Press Association’s 2021 Top Weekly Magazine in July.

At the company’s annual meeting, Calle assured his staff that there would be no redundancies.

He also explained the company’s name in Genesis.

Kale said he did not plan any major changes to the newspaper’s content.

“I just want to help increase things, especially to make the digital product more accessible to readers and advertisers, but at the same time continue to make the print product,” he said.

When Kale Company Launched LA Weekly, there were significant resignations, with some former employees leading the ad termination and launching new publications.

Laker News: “There are no hidden motives. There are no hidden political motives. There are no hidden business objectives.

“Every time you try to do something, you are criticized.

“In the current climate, I think people will come to the conclusion and make things right.

“Judge what kind of product we produce, not what people say about us, because people can say what they want.

“We have delivered in LA and won many press club awards in LA.

“Irvin Weekly and the Bay Area Marina Times are both rich community papers in San Francisco, and we have revived Village Voice, one of the most widely published papers in the country.

“So I do not pay much attention to them, to those who cover up, or to those who do not. I mean, just look at what we do and decide for yourself.

Calle describes himself as approachable and extremely accessible.

Encourages readers and advertisers who want to reach it to email it. .

Published November 17, 2021