The Viana network elevates it 283 kroner in series c

Commercial Financial Forum announces the expansion of Viana Network 283 kroner in Series C funding round. Viana Chirata Ventures, CDC Group, Jungle Ventures, March Capital, Marshall Was and some of the largest and largest family offices in India and abroad have seen the participation of both existing and new investors. Viana recently approved the establishment of the ITFS Forum in GIFT (Gujarat).

“Over the past four years, we have grown 20x quarterly and grossed $ 8 billion so far,” said Ram Air, founder and CEO of Viana Network. Our strong involvement in credit enforcement infrastructures such as GST and e-Invoicing combined with the launch of the Good Business Score (GBS) has enabled us to reach smaller businesses by connecting with larger lenders.

“Our vision is to create an environment where finance is an integral part of marketing and an invisible part of any B2B business – just as easy as slipping a credit card,” he added. In our current and upcoming product portfolio, we address related challenges such as market discovery, compliance and monitoring, helping every business in the supply chain work better.

OncoCoinAG launches AMRIT crypto-token for patients in India

Innoplexus AG, a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain-based drug discovery and development company OncoCoin AG, has launched ‘AMRIT’ crypto-token for patients in India with 43 patents and 116+ patent applications.

AMRIT Decentralized and GDPR Compliant Real-World Data (RWD) Exchange AI for Patient Health and Longevity. AMRIT uses proprietary AI and blockchain technology to accelerate the discovery and development of decentralized ecosystems for stakeholders such as medical researchers, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and others.

Dr. Punjan Bardwaj, CEO, Innoxlex AG and Founder / Chairman of the Board, Oncocon AG, said, “AMRIT Ecology is democratizing the cancer research process based on 350,000 users registered on the mobile application CURIATM worldwide. With the app, pharmaceutical companies that want to conduct clinical trials can be encouraged to connect with their patients and share their real-world data with the ‘AMRIT’ utility. Next, users can use secondary comments and other cancer-related in-app services. The estimated cost of a user’s medical records can be as high as $ 20,000 per record.

Kedara in G.S. It occupies the largest share in the laboratory

GS Software Laboratory (GS Lab), a city-based digital product engineering services company, has announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Kedara Private Equity.

“Over the past 18 years, we have made GSab Lab an organization of about 1,600+ people,” said Grid Lab founders Shridhar Shukla and Sunil Gaitonde. “Kedara’s investment will enable us to build on our strengths and leverage the latest software and digital solutions to meet the needs of the global and Indian industries, using Kedara and CD and R’s extensive network and connections.”

“Digital Transformation is one of our key investment themes,” said Kadar Associate CEO and Managing Partner Sunish Sharma and Kadara Managing Director Parine Mehta. We are pleased to partner with GS Lab to support the continued growth of the best digital software products for their customers around the world. Shridhar, Sunil, Atul and the senior leadership team at G.S. Lab has developed unique product engineering skills, a strong platform for innovation and partnerships with world-class customers.

G.S. The laboratory operates throughout the software development cycle, from ID to design, development, implementation, deployment and support. His team of engineers and product architects provide their clients with advanced expertise in cloud, identity management, security, IOT, IML and data sciences in every sector.

ZS to employ 4,000 people by 2022

Global Professional Services Zeds wants to hire 4000+ people in key areas that will accelerate the company’s business growth by 2022. ZS said in a statement that it has exceeded its annual employment forecast of nearly 40 percent in three quarters of the year, which requires technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data. Python, cloud technologies and data science, and more.

This year alone, Campus Beats – the ZS Campus Participation Program – has seen the participation of 100+ Level 1 and Level 2 engineering colleges, entering a large pool of skills. So far, ZDS has hired more than 1,200 graduates from various technical and non-technical jobs on campus and has extended 1,500 offers for joining in 2022.

“We are accelerating the adoption of new technologies, including cloud, AI and big data, and we are strengthening our recruitment efforts next year,” says Isha Gulati, Human Resources Leader, Asia, ZDS. To achieve our goal of 4000 new recruits. The challenges of remote work have taught us how to integrate human touch points with the benefits of new technologies and the need to rethink how we look at our workplace.

Satellite Cowork stretched its legs in the yin

The co-operator, Satellite Cowork, is entering the Indian workplace with an expansion plan of over one million square feet.

After the outbreak, demand for such sites has increased, and it is expanding its supply of similar satellite cores from North Noida, South Bengalu and West Pune.

Satellite Cowork has partnered with Investopedia Consultant to expand its business in Pan-India. The company has experience and expertise in the global target market.

The corporation plans to provide interior designers to creative designers in sectors such as Design Cave.

Realty Assistant is a brand strategic business partner in India.