Head of French Electric and Digital Construction Infrastructure Legrand He waits. IOTEnergy efficiency, connectivity and user-interface product heights to drive business in India, contributing the largest share in revenue over the next few years. Legrand India It closed in 2019-20 with Rs 2,621 crore and almost 9 per cent due to the outbreak in 2020-21.

The first quarter of 2021-22 was also close to washing away due to the second outbreak, but July-September was better and demand will return to 2019 level from October.

“We have not yet reached (2019 sales levels), September is very close there, maybe 2-3 percent down; but we hit the 2019 level in October. So if there is no third wave, we are very much. If not better. Tony Berland He told PTI.

He said the Internet, energy efficiency, connectivity and user interface products will drive the business here in India in the future and will play a major role in the next few years.

“Ioti now owns 19 percent of the main line and I want to take at least 25 percent in the next few years. When we come to IoT, I have a very clear map and most of the IoT products. Vertical connections are now the only major source of income.

What gives India a truly bright future is its large size and huge energy savings. Berland also said it is investing heavily in digital infrared, especially in data centers, where new products can be used to control pests.

They are also working a bit with charging stations in the area of ​​electric cars and are connected

Berland said.

“We are very happy to be here and we are very confident that we will make it big here – one of the three main targets, because India is the most important brick in our international operations.

“We have a lot of confidence in India’s potential and the huge potential here,” he said, acknowledging that much remains to be done.

By investing in Legrand, India is making enough money to make India a key hub for the group and to make the necessary investments.

But Berland has rejected the capability, saying it has enough capacity, and has offered 1,500 kroner caps over the past three years to build capacity.

“We have more capacity, we are not increasing production capacity, we are increasing more now. Automation And so our focus is not on investing in products and R&D and on productivity, but on ioti and automation. We have no problem with capacity because we can grow any plant in the way the plants are built.

A.D. Berland, which took over India in March 2019, said that although India earns less than 5% of its global revenue, the head office is pleased with its success so far and is keen to make it bigger and recognizes that this market is one of the major ones. Pillars of development going forward.

“And we don’t hate e-organic growth and we’re always looking forward to the same. We’ve made five purchases since we joined in 1996, the largest part of the numerical power system UPS unit in February 2012 to 829 railroads.”

Legrand is a global leader in 6 6 billion in electrical and digital construction infrastructure. Limoges, a French-based group, has manufacturing facilities in 90 countries and sells products in more than 180 markets. Internationally, he is a leader in cable management and cable management.

Legrand India offers a wide range of products in power distribution, wiring, home automation, structured cableing, lighting management solutions, cable management and industrial application products and is an undeniable leader in MBCs, RCDs and DBs. It has a leading place in home automation.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has three plants, seven training centers and two R&D centers in India and employs more than 1,000 people.

During a pre-epidemic visit, Legion International CEO Benoit Coquart said he would digitalize 40 of the 100 product families selling here, such as light switch, circuit breaker and door entry systems.

Encouraged by the demand for technology in projects such as Smart Cities, the company is bringing ioti-based home solutions to the country and has partnered with Google, Amazon and Samsung.