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As a global publisher and imaging company, Lexmark produces a lot of information. To manage and understand that information, Lexmark created a digital product thread, which changed business decision-making within the organization.

Andy Copp’s role as Director of Transformation Products has shifted from a digital transformation project to Lexmark to an IT products and services. Tor Olavsrud sits with Cope CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Learn more about this award-winning project and its impact on the business.

The following parts of that discussion have been edited. Below is the full video of the session.

What is Tor Olavsrud’s product digital thread?

Andy Cop die A digital thread is a related business consumption data that covers the life cycle of our products. Hardware and supplies and key components for printers such as our Fuser Laser Scanning Unit. This in itself shows three different layers of what we call raw, filter and consumption layers in Lake Azure Data. And these data levels are the kind of objective that really leads to supporting users with their various analytical needs, whether it’s a data scientist, a key user or a key business user. Something that can provide data for use by all business consumers.

WIn terms of ongoing changes, a hat is needed to bring this project to fruition, Abilities, And culture?

In fact, there was no untouched data management technology or capacity during this exercise. [There was] Re-use of almost complete technical skills… [and] Much of this transition was in-depth training.

For that, in fact, we had to be motivated to be more — I also call it a recipient of business requirements — to become more agents of change.

Can you tell us a little bit about the results?

We now have this information framework that allows us to have more effective management, which, again, is key, with skills such as establishing an international data dictionary and business dictionary. And with that, the genealogy of data. We find those things very important to build trust in the users of the data.

As we have enabled some of these through product digital thread, we have now seen that they are in the market not only for our own internal use and operations, but also for our customers. Therefore, this information is a major step in the maturity of the solution to expose the supply of printing services managed by more than 700 of our customers in the Consumer Consumer Consumer Form.

We use this information to make smarter decisions about how to renovate our assets and core components in our customer-operated printing vessels. We are using this closed-loop feedback to provide in-product design and production and supply chain for these overhead processes from field tools. We are using it, for example, to get a better understanding of any revenue losses we may have in our consumption, in our printing cartons, we may have been defeated by the black and gray merchants in this picture. Industry.

So, as our business sees this growth, we are really looking forward to seeing a dramatic increase in the maturity of our analytics as this single version, the general idea of ​​this single source of business information becomes more relevant. እን As we grow older, we expect to move on to approximate and ultimately maturity levels.

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