Macy On Thursday, he reported that analysts ‘forecast for third-quarter earnings and sales was higher than analysts’ estimates, boosting the store chain ahead of the holidays.

Separately, the company joked about launching a digital marketplace in the second half of 2022, and said it had hired Alex Partners, a consulting firm to review the business structure.

Massive stocks jumped more than 16 percent in the news. At one point, the stock reached a three-year high of $ 37.66.

Ads come as Activist Jana Partners has played its part in the business And Macy’s is pushing for e-commerce to be removed from its stores in order to get more speculation. Sachs Fifth Street pursued a similar division earlier this year. The e-commerce section is now open. For the first time, he was prepared to sacrifice his life for the sake of the people Drive from Sax stores.

“We are also aware of the high value that the market places on pure e-commerce.”

High income estimates

Under Janet, Massie is trying to please young shoppers who may be away from shopping in traditional stores. Messi said he had benefited from “improved economic conditions” by adding 4.4 million new customers in the first quarter.

Genet has also tried to allay concerns over ongoing supply chain issues, and said she did not expect Messi to be harmed by empty shelves during the crucial holiday shopping season.

Here is what Massie did on October 30 in three months, compared to analysts’ expectations, based on a positive poll.

  • Revenue is expected to be $ 1.23 per share per share of 31 cents
  • Revenue is expected to reach $ 5.4 billion from $ 5.2 billion

Messi’s net worth was $ 239 million, or 76 cents, compared to $ 91 million or 29 cents a year ago. Excluding one-time items, the company earned $ 1.23 per share, far higher than analysts’ forecast of 31 cents.

Sales of $ 3.99 billion a year ago rose to $ 5.4 billion. That is an estimated $ 5.2 billion ahead of schedule.

Macy’s proportional sales growth, based on ownership and licensing, reported 35.6% in the quarter. According to Refinitiv estimates, analysts are looking for a 29.3% increase.

Digital sales increased by 19 percent.

Digital sales grew 19 percent year-over-year and 49 percent over two years. The company’s online operations accounted for 33 percent of total sales, up 10 percent from 2019. And 41% of Macy’s new customers arrived digitally in the third quarter.

In Bloomingdale, proprietary sales and licenses increased by 38.5 percent year-over-year. Consumers who have spent a lot of money have bought luxury bags, jewelry, men’s shoes and clothing, the company said.

“It’s so hot right now,” Janet said in a telephone interview about the luxury market. “Customers are ready to put more revenue into brands in the future.”

He said he expects the cost of international tourism to rise again when he returns to the United States, which should further help the luxury business. He said the return of foreign consumers to Macy’s stores could be delayed between 2022 and 2023.

During the outbreak, the company successfully restored old customers and found new customers, Genet said. A Connect to Toys R Us He said the sale of Macky dolls has helped more than double in 2019. And the company is seeing some transitions from closed competitors, according to Genet.

Macyie now sees revenue of 2021 between $ 24.12 billion and $ 24.28 billion, up from $ 23.55 billion to $ 23.95 billion.

Expected year-on-year adjusted earnings are expected to rise from $ 4.57 to $ 4.76 per share, up from $ 3.41 to $ 3.75.

Analysts were looking for adjusted earnings of $ 3.89 per share with $ 23.78 billion in revenue.

Store Operator Kohl’s Also on Thursday It raised its outlook for the yearShipping the stock to 6%.

Increasing digital marketplace

Meanwhile, Macy’s proposed digital marketplace will allow third-party merchants to sell their products on Macy’s and Bloomingall websites. The company is working with technology provider Miracle to launch the platform.

According to Matt Bayer, chief marketing and customer service manager at Massie, the market will help the retailer expand its product portfolio at a lower cost.

Messi has a target of $ 10 billion in online revenue by 2023, but the market should add more sales, Bayer said.

Bedding and beyond He announced plans earlier this month Start the same marketplace To sell goods on the site to third parties. It is the pressure of companies to copy their favorite markets. Amazon, Walmart And Target They already have. But it is not clear whether these retailers will be successful.

Jana’s interest in Macy’s stock has increased its retail share. By the end of Wednesday, the stock had grown more than 174% to $ 9.55 billion.

Get the full press release from Messi over here.