During a global cholera epidemic (CV-19) in Carlsbad, California, USA, July 14, 2020, California was hit by a series of new restrictions before the closure of a mall due to new restrictions.

Mike Blake | Reuters

Macy He said on Thursday that he was reconsidering when he would close the remaining 60 shops. Package 125 A.D. Those who are on the road to darkness in 2023.

However, he said he plans to announce 10 closures in January and will provide more details about those areas in the near future.

“Delays in the closure of some stores will allow us to continue to be physically present in the market, which is critical to our high-growth growth.” Digital performance is stronger in our stores. “

Macy has been trying Off-market and small-format spacesClosing large areas hanging over traditional malls. According to Mitchell, those vacancies brought more sales than expected. The store says it now sees a “clear path” outside the market.

Notification of additional closures coming Jana Partners has been involved in the store chain business. Activist Masi is pushing his e-commerce company out of its stores to make more money than it does today.

Massachusetts CEO Jeff Genet said on Thursday that the company is working with consulting firm Alex Partners to consider all options for digital operations.

“We also recognize the significant value that the market places on pure e-commerce businesses,” Genet said. “And as we look at the topography today, we are doing more analysis to help inform our long-term strategy to further maximize the value of the masses.”

The company said it would share more details on its findings in a review by Alex Partners.

Macy’s shares closed 21.1 percent during the day, up from a $ 37.95 three-year high after the company. It won analysts’ estimates for the third quarter And increased sales and year-round visibility.