MORISTON, NJ – (MajescoThe Global Leader of Cloud Insurance Software Solutions for Insurance Business Transformation announced the successful Fall Production Council today. The three-day virtual event showcased new opening sessions on Majesco Cloud Strategy and Architecture as well as Majesco’s new data and analytics business unit. Eleven general and variation sessions list the latest product updates and innovations, as well as the 2022 and roadmap plans. These improvements and plans will enable Majesco customers to meet the fast-paced market changes and customer needs, new products, expansion channels and new technologies that will advance the future of insurance.

During the opening session, Majesco CEO Adam Elster sums it up. Significant business growth, product innovation, cloud adoption, and partner expansion in the 12 months since Thomas Bravo took over Magesco. Manish Shah, President and Chief Product Officer of MAJESCO, introduced new major product leaders, including product management and innovation, following a live panel discussion on product improvements and live paneling.

  • Ravi Krishna, SVP and CTO

  • Patrick Davis, SVP and GM, Data and Analysis

  • Terrence Clark, SVP and GM, P&C products

  • Raymond Law, SVP and GM, L&A and Group Products

  • Carney Lomis, UX Research and Design VP

With the efforts of Majesco Cloud-Native Core Container, the powerful Digital1st® platform and the new data and analytics business, Majesco is launching a smart digital insurance platform that integrates Majesco Core solutions with embedded data and AI / ML. Strong Digital Experience There is no code platform that provides low-cost / continuous-gene business capabilities and customer experience.

This year we have seen a lot of change and growth – from ClaimVantage and Utilant purchases to the rapid success of SI partners and customers – the Product Council provides a great way to connect with our customers and replicate our innovations. “Manish Shah commented,” he said. ”This council meeting was especially exciting to introduce new and innovative developments and plans for cloud, digital and information strategies that will enable our clients to continue to take the lead in competition and market shifts.

About Majesco

Majesco is a leading software partner for both P&C and L&A insurance markets to update, optimize and update their businesses quickly and efficiently. More than 330 insurers, from Greenfield, Beginners and MGAs to major insurers, re-insurers and brokers They use it. To build the future of insurance.

Our technology, knowledge and leadership help insurers create and connect to build the future of their business. With over 825 successful applications and more than 65% of our customers on the Cloud with Majesco platform solutions, we have amazing creative and real-world results together. Please visit for more details about Majesco