At the end of September, McLecha sent robotic investigators to a world where they could listen to every story on paper. The publisher has returned with the opportunity to generate revenue.

That month, the publisher of the titles, including Sacramento Bee and Miami Herald, began placing audio clips at the top of the pages, which automatically played audio clicks when clicked. So far, 1-5% of the player’s price is clicked on the McClatchy pages, depending on the length of the story and the section of the paper, a balance is enough to ensure McClatchy’s sales team starts. Submit ads.

Last month, the sales team launched its first campaign, which showed both pre-roll and mid-roll positions; Mid-roll ads had a completion rate of 75%, and pre-roll over 99%.

“We are still learning that marketing strategy,” said Rachel Malpeli, director of digital solutions at McClatchy – the promise is audio. Content can help increase new engagement for readers and advertisers. Malpeli added: “We really want to know.

Maklachi has some experience in distributing audio versions of audio output. The seven papers, including the Sacramento Bee and Miami Herald, broadcast daily flashcards both through smart speakers and as podcasts. And has aired half a dozen episodes on topics from ACC Basketball to LGBTQ in the South.

Maklachi sells the content in context using its title segments. Reach the Market Expert Room.

So far, Maklachi has not provided major news coverage, given advertisers’ long-term knowledge of news product safety. “We have a way of getting people out of some difficult situations,” says Malpeli.

Different printers From Harvard Business Review to Economist For the past several years, they have been trying to add audio versions of their stories to their website, mostly in collaboration with third-party providers such as Audm and Curio; The Maclachi Contest is being developed by Trinity Audio.

For the most part, publishers have monitored audio as a fidelity driver and by extension; Last year, Apple announced plans to expand Apple Audio versions for Apple News + Stories, News Collector App Premium Level. That came after other attempts by platforms such as Google and Amazon to deliver ad-supported audio news. Loss of publisher interest.

Although McLaughlin offers its own soundtrack for the story, Malpeli said it usually includes partial paid social media promotions, such as paid by other digital products. Stephen Smith, a podcast and influential marketing spear at the agency Veriton, is largely independent of how much he can save.

“If you are aware [it’s a] Good luck, ”said Smith. I think the format reflects the cost.

‘We want to really localize’: McClatchy tries out pre-roll in the audio versions of its articles