What is metaphysics and why is it important?

The label is the next generation of mobile internet successors. Built in shared, online and fixed digital spaces,1 Meters can be considered as a combination of digital layers in the physical world (Think Pokémon Go), the immersive worlds of the Avatars, and the Internet we know today.

Although the idea of ​​sticking to a visceral parallel reality like Neo is still unrealistic, metalers are no longer just science fiction. Advances in Virtual Reality Let’s first explore the digital world, the added truth technology gives us the ability to attract the Internet to our physical world, the divided accounting technology and blockchain are reaffirming the concepts of ownership and transparency in digital transactions. Assets.

For consumer brands, how Meters interact with customers is ‘the next big thing’. With Meters, brands can be given the opportunity to interact with users and experience products and services without having to make or deliver any goods in person.2 We can already buy virtual Gucci for our Roblox models Or look Ariana Grande works live on FortNit.. Soon, we will be able to walk on the road Digital clothing Attend the VR meeting, which is only visible in Apple Glass and at the same time in the afternoon Facebook Horizon.

IP license for Metaverse

Meters’ ultimate vision is a series of interconnected, decentralized worlds where users can easily slide, but the reality of the current measurement is that these worlds are controlled by ‘single-walled gardens’.3 That is, for any brand that wants to try it in Metavers today, it is important to establish clear IP licensing arrangements with the flexible platform provider. Common terms such as any IP license, word, state, and royalty rates are important, but special attention should be paid to the scope of the license.4

As part of a partnership, a metaware vendor can combine their own proprietary IP with brand IP when creating content. In the absence of shared IP rights, the risk brand owner may enter into a privileged status for a digital product, but will not be able to exercise those rights in the future.5 For example, if a brand wants to create an additional 3D sneaker for a game and wants that sneaker to be moved to another game or used in another context, it must verify the contract with a flexible seller. It provides all the necessary IP rights to provide flexibility for future use of the brand.

It is important to make extensive use of the IP license and to estimate future uses. As with the old-school approach to preventing unauthorized use of trademarks, obtaining registered rights has its place but may not be sufficient in all cases – especially in Metavas. Brands need to set boundaries to reduce the risk of reputation being tarnished by unwanted brand associations. A brand, for example, does not want to have branded items in certain parts of the game that display graphic attacks. Setting usage restrictions at the entrance will help to avoid misunderstandings along the way. Brands should be aware of their partner’s Meters Platform Terms of Service and End User License Agreements. These documents should tell players what they can and cannot do on its platform (user and community guidelines) and how the platform handles third-party IP violations. Put this on your DD checklist to find out what actions the Metavers provider can take (and does) to avoid or censor content.

IP interactions with user-generated content

Considering the size of the content creation, in order to give depth to the wider world, you cannot avoid the fact that user-generated content is not only ubiquitous but also essential for its growth.6 Brands should consider their approach to protecting and enforcing their IP when interacting with user-generated content.

In the game ‘Animal Crossing’, there is a recent popular trend for players to create costumes that resemble real-life clothing brands. Many of these digital clothing items may violate third-party trademarks (for example, the Louis Vuitton monogram).7 Is it good or bad for your brand to allow this kind of user-generated content? Do you hope to go out or are you trying to clear the ocean? Beautifully crafted fashion at the zoo is a free ad for you, and slapping it will turn lovers into enemies or like a Burberry check – will it be banned from nightclubs?

There are alternative ways to promote user-generated content. One alternative is to incorporate the benefits or accuracy indicators into real digital objects and to enable the community to identify and use counterfeit digital objects. Embedding these extras can give digital items more than just jewelry or status indicators. Another option might be to create a ‘fan art’ policy that allows you to create a brand based IP-based work.8

Managing IP with untouched tokens

If digital products of the same brand live on more than one metaware platform, brands should consider using NFT technology (for more information on NFT, please see ours) Previous article) To embed and establish rights related to digital goods and content. Information that can be provided via metadata in NFT includes the following

  • Product ownership history;
  • Limit any related rights that may extend to NFT ownership; And
  • Descriptions and information about the appropriate product.

By including this information in the shopping area, the parties are given a clear idea of ​​what they can and cannot do with digital products from the beginning of the digital product life cycle.9 By simulating the digital asset as NFT, this information remains accessible between the age of the digital asset and between platforms. Even as digital assets move from one virtual world to another, embedding IP-related information in the asset with NFT technology will retain the brand name IP forever.

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