Raleich, NC, November 17, 2021 (Globe Newsvier) – Martin CommunicationsRaleigh-based Digital Marketing Agency announces the successful implementation of its technology product. Promises were revealedWith the Colonial Wheel and Service website. Colonial Wheels & Services, a regional tire distributor with a full-service car dealership in Raleigh, NC, Martin Communications is a long-time customer of digital strategy. Colonial Tires and Services Provides high quality, competitive car services and tire products in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Prospect revival, created by Martin Communications, is a programming logic that tracks users’ travels to the Web site. That logic is used to provide customized and relevant messages and to encourage website visitors to participate based on their election history. All Proxies’ logic is automated, so it can connect to CRM database software programs and track leads and sales.

“There is nothing more exciting than creating opportunities for our customers,” said Jenny Burke, president of Martin Communications. “ProspectsRevealed is a powerful tool to take digital engagement to the next level, and we look forward to seeing the growth and impact of Colonial tires and services. Within two weeks of launch, Promises were revealed Has collected 18 conversions, and we expect this to grow exponentially.


About Martin Communications
Martin Communications, an integrated marketing communications company based in Raleigh, NC, provides professional strategy, branding and advertising, social media, public relations and website design and development. Our full service capabilities include graphic design, copywriting, creative thinking and more. For more than a decade, our unique culture and unique, in-depth pool of talent has propelled us to deliver measurable results for businesses of all sizes across industries. We know one thing or two about the importance of powerful messages on the radio, television, and newspapers. Visit us for more information. thinkmartinfirst.com.

Hope revealed
A.D. Prospex Revive, created by Martin Communications in 2020, is a program logic that tracks users’ travel experience when they visit a website. That logic is used to better understand customer behavior and provide custom and relevant messages and incentives for website visitors to connect with them on their election history. Prospect users are getting amazing results from their analytics, including website users, SEO traffic, webmasters and sales. Visit Home for more information www.ProspectsRevealed.com

About Colonial Tire and Service
Colonial Tire was founded in 1976 by Rodanthe, NC, with only two fuel pumps. Over the next few years, the company bought two small oil companies in Edenton and Ropper NC and became a tire distributor for the Bureau of Agriculture. Today, the colony is a multi-million dollar business and one of the leading tire distributors and automotive service providers in North America. With over 35 locations, this major car care and tire company serves car owners throughout NC, SC and VA. Learn more at www.colonyire.com

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Jenny Burke
President, Martin Communications

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