ASSURE Banca Platform improves efficiency, provides convenience and personalization for Mashreq Bank customers.

The solution is to improve your overall customer experience – including life insurance, car insurance and serious illness.

DubaiUnited Arab Emirates, November 8, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Wi-Point Systems, a leading information technology service provider, is working with Mashrek Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates.ASSURE – Bank guaranteeForum in Bank Accounts. Masreq offers a number Bancassurance Solutions Through its insurance partners, including life insurance, car insurance and serious illness.

Mufazal Kajiji – EVP, Head of Mashrek Gold (L) and Thomas Cherian – EVP, Head of Technology at Mashrek Bank (R)

Since its successful implementation, May 2021The ASSURE platform offers a number of key benefits to Marsh customers, as well as full-service end-to-end digitalization and automation. In particular, the forum facilitates the exchange of information between the bank and its insurance partners, enabling insurers to provide customers with more personalized services and products.

Mufazal KajijiVice President of Merchand Gold and Executive Vice President of Merchand Bank “For many years, Mashrek’s main focus has been on improving customer experience and introducing value-added products and services to partners and stakeholders. With that goal in mind, we are pleased to partner with WayPoint Systems to increase ASSURE-Bancassurance. It has enabled us to create a more personalized and useful experience. Other benefits include reduced operating and administrative costs, as well as the ability to provide sophisticated but simple customer management experience. “

“Our efforts to create technology-enabled processes have given ASSURE an opportunity. As banks move rapidly into an open banking structure, there are many opportunities to digitalize the internal structure of the bank, which led to ASSURE’s idea.” Comments Dayan V Ipe, CEO, WayPoint Systems. “We are excited to partner with Mashrek and be part of the growing digital culture in the industry.”

Thomas Cherian.Mashrek’s CEO, vice president and head of technology, said: “We are constantly reviewing productivity and internal processes in line with our goal of delivering a better experience to our customers. Including an improved claim handling process.

In practice, the implementation of the ASSURE platform has created a highly personalized approach for customers, eliminating manual processes and the management of policies and claims. Through insurance sales, customer certification and claims management digitization, the ASSURE platform has significantly reduced the complexity of banking processes. In addition, the platform’s API-led technology means easy integration with third-party insurance providers. Stakeholders will benefit from efficient insurance distribution and commission management as well as customer support when needed.

About mashing

Mashrek, one of the best performing banks in the United Arab Emirates for five decades, is a leading financial institution in the sector. Middle East. We have international offices. Europe, Asia, Africa And the US, and a strong presence in the world financial capital.

As the oldest bank in the United Arab Emirates, our journey in 1967 could be a time of humble beginnings, followed by periods of rapid growth and strategic expansion. Throughout our history, Mashrech has distinguished itself by pioneering new market-leading concepts and introducing unique products and services.

Our innovative approach truly makes us unique, we continue to receive numerous awards and prizes in all sectors, including digital banking, the most recent of which are the following: Middle East And Africa For financial institutions, market leader in business finance survey in UAE and Middle East, Middle East Best Digital Bank for Excellence in Yomonian Regional Awards, Most Innovative Consumer / Corporate Digital Bank in the United Arab Emirates and Best Bank of the United Arab Emirates World Bank for Global Finance, Most Innovative Bank Middle East In EMEA Finance and many more.

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About WayPoint Systems FZCO

WayPoint Systems FZCO is a leading provider of information technology services worldwide. Middle East. We are headquartered in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai. We have more than ten years of experience. Middle East, South AsiaAnd regions of Africa.

Our strong foundation of knowledge in F&I Platform Management and TPA gives us the advantage of being market-ready and implementing organizational digital processes and software. Our portfolio of partners and partners with major technology companies, banks and financial companies, insurance and insurance partners, both domestically and internationally, has strengthened our portfolio. Our network of partnerships and communications empowers us to provide value-added innovation and accelerates our market reach.

We offer a wide range of customer segments including Banking, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare Services, Automotive and Insurance. We specialize in enterprise solutions that create unique full payment and retail ecosystems for small and medium businesses.

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