While some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are always at an all-time high, many new users and decentralized app developers are embracing the Ethereum network and quickly realizing that blockchain is the busiest place for business. Ethereum’s inadequate network size restrictions have slowed down transactions and created more expensive payments, but it is a common problem for long-term developers in the ecosystem.

What is new is the widespread availability of Ethereum “package” size solutions. These developer products reduce the traffic on the central Ethereum blockchain by lowering the transaction process to the main Ethereum network, which records the transaction process to the main Ethereum network. What this means in practice is that developers can take advantage of fast and cheap transactions without compromising the ethernet environment.

Case Labs It’s one of the few blockchain startups to build an advanced package product, but the team believes it’s their solution. zkSync He is ready to win the race. Beginner TechCrunch reports that it has closed its $ 50 million Series B investment in A16z Crypto, a few months after the launch of Union Square Ventures.

Ethereum is a big business with a few big players. a16z Crypto has backed one this year, leading the February A series of developer hopes. In August, Lightspeed backed Arbitrem maker Offchain Labs – another Ethereum metrics solution that many developers are interested in. Both developers are building a roll called “Bright Roll”, Matter Labs is building the same product. It is safer but more powerful than a computer.

The difference between the two is quite technical, but the transactions in general vary depending on the legality. Blockchain operates on different networks in the network. In a nutshell, Ethereum treats sealed transactions as legitimate by default, and avoids spending money for several days to give participants in the network time to verify that the group is fraudulent and should be rejected. Meanwhile, the ZK rolls Ethereum network uses complex verifications that allow it to quickly verify and accept the legality of a particular transaction.

The MK Labs are not the only team building the ZK package, but their main advantage is that they are already trying to solve the problem. In the domestic product.

“Zk-based scaling solutions have historically forced developers to learn a new programming language,” Ali Yahya, a16z Crypto general partner, told Tech Crunch. ”[Matter Labs] It has succeeded in building a Solidity firm that takes standard smart contracts on Ethereum to zero certification. [zkSync]. ”

There are some obvious benefits to short-term optimism, many of which are publicly available to potential developers. When zkSync works directly on Ethereum, the company said that network support for smart contracts will not be available until early next year. Meters Labs CEO Alex Gluchowski expects Zedke transfers to take over soon, but shared comments from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin in January. Blog post “Medium and long-term ZK package wins in all usage cases …”

Gluchowski told Tech Crunch: “I have never seen a world where optimism is about to come. “According to the successful visionaries – all of the world’s digital economies live in blockchain – then it has to use zero knowledge. We have no other technology that can support this standard.