The first Kassa Pasta and Chicken “N” DIP restaurants are now equipped with AI-Powered AssetCare connected building solutions to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for customers

San Francisco, California, November 9, 2021 / CNW / – mCloud Technologies Corporation (TSX-V: MCLD) (OTCQB: MCLDF) (“mCloud” or “Company”), a leading provider of AI-enabled asset management and environmental, social and management (“ESG”) solutions, announced today. Completed the first two places in Saudi Arabia – Casa Pasta and CHICK “N” DIP Restaurants – from mCloud’s AssetCare solution for HVAC and indoor air quality (“IAQ”).

Facilitated by Saudi Vision 2030 in partnership with URBSOFT, an innovative urban technologies and services that support the initiative. Government of Saudi Arabia, mCloud improves indoor air quality and energy efficiency in restaurants.

Kassa Pasta is owned by a group of restaurants in Cobar City and CHICK “N” DIP in Dahran City, Dahran Mall, and has more than 100 restaurants in total. Saudi Arabia. It is planned to expand AssetCare into other restaurants within the AFCO portfolio.

“Through AsetCare, customers in selected AFCO restaurants can scan the QR code to read the indoor air quality directly before entering,” he said. Ibrahim al-Hindi, mCloud President, MENA. “Our IAQ solution exceeds the standards and regulations set by the health and construction authorities. This is the first implementation of our mCloud solution since we received the MISA license last month, which will allow us to build a large regional center here.” Government of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to helping businesses in the government achieve their ESG goals.

“Implementing technology that supports sustainability and protects our customers is not only a smart business, but also part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative to help people live healthier lives,” he said. Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Qadi“We are proud to offer not only quality food and services to our customers, but also a comfortable and convenient place to visit,” said Afco CEO.

With AsetCare, customers can enjoy safe indoor air through a combination of IOT-enabled 24/7 air quality control and AI-driven connected air filters. Indoor air quality can improve the efficiency of standard HEPA filters by continuously removing up to 95% of harmful particles and pollutants from less than one micron. In addition, the AssetCare HVAC and IAQ solution uses AI to reduce HVAC power upgrades by up to 25%, save on cost-effective maintenance, and reduce construction energy waste.

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About mCloud Technologies Corp.

mCloud is unleashing untapped energy resources through AI and analytics, controlling energy waste, increasing energy production, and getting the most out of critical energy infrastructure. With mCloud’s AI-powered AssetCare ™ platform, mCloud provides complete asset management solutions for commercial buildings, renewable energy, healthcare, heavy industry and related employees. IoT sensors bring information from connected assets to the cloud, and AI and analytics are implemented to maximize their performance.

With international presence and offices San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, London, Perth, Singapore, And Beijing, The mCloud family includes high-performance IoT, AI, 3D, and mobile capabilities for clients, all integrated into AssetCare. With more than 100 blue-chip customers and more than 62,000 assets connected in thousands of locations around the world, mCloud is changing the way it manages energy resources.

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Alwawak Food Company (AFCO)

One of the largest and fastest F&B companies in Saudi ArabiaProfessional and highly international. The company has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing restaurants and supply chains and has 5 brands with “Italian, Asian, American, Portuguese and Indian cuisine” concepts. Nearly 100 restaurants will quit KSA in the next few years with plans for regional and international expansion. Visit the website for more information


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