Six months after launching Menssa Brands, an Indian start-up business that caters directly to consumers and helps them weigh in on the home market and overseas.

Falcon Age Capital has launched a $ 135 million B series fund, Mensa Brands, which is valuing over $ 1 billion in India.

All existing investors, including Process Ventures, as well as Tiger Global, Northwest Venture Partners, and Aceel, participated in the new round, which paid Menssa’s ever-increasing profit of more than $ 300 million.

Mensa Brands – Founded by Anant Narayanan, former CEO of Fashion E-Commerce giant Mintara It was eventually taken over by Flipkart – The Boston-based startup operates at the same location as Thrasio The success of this model is widely represented.

But he believes that what he is trying to do with Narayana Mena is different. Menssa, in the Greek constellation, said it was trying to build a new era of consumerism similar to that of the Indian Congress of Uniliver or Bed Base and beyond.

“Brands are being built in a very different way now. The distribution has been completely democratized. I think you can work on brand building in a very unique and exciting way with a lot of virus and privacy,” he said in an interview with Tech Crunch.

Anant Narayanana founded Mensa brands. It is the fastest growing company in India to become a startup Unicorn. (Image courtesy of Crow Mensa Brands)

Mensa Brands currently has 12 brands, 80% of which are run by women, said Narayana. The startup works in three categories – clothing, beauty and personal care and home. “We are not trying to build a brand for India in all of these categories, but for a global brand,” he said, adding that 30 percent of start-up revenue comes from overseas markets.

Beginners will acquire a majority stake in each brand in partnership within five years of full acquisition plans. “All of these brands are profitable and their founding team will join Mensa Brands to work with the big company,” Narayana said. Mensa himself says he is profitable.

Mensa helps these brands organize and grow their products in all major markets and on their official websites. On demand, he said, the startup will conduct “tech-led marketing” and improve product prices. “We are also making a number of technology-led improvements, such as helping consumers identify the products they want and launch brand new products,” he said.

Mensa, a popular men’s perfume and accessories brand, now part of Mensa, grew by more than 250% in October, he said. Another partner brand, Karagiri, reported that high-end designer Saris brand grew by 140 percent last month. According to Narayanana, most of the brands Mensa has acquired so far have grown by more than 100%.

“We look forward to continuing to support you and your team in developing the best-of-breed brand-focused and accelerated e-commerce branding book,” said Navros Udwadia, founder and partner of Falcon Age Capital. Press release.

“Mensa is making significant improvements in product and price optimization, technology-led innovation, distribution and marketing, and streamlining the supply chain. We believe Commerce Products is a great way to strengthen its reputation as a partner.

Mensa plans to partner with up to 30 more brands in the next year, Narayana said.

They are numerous entrepreneurs. Trying to find better e-commerce models All over the world. Many investors believe that Amazon and Flipcart have built the world’s railways for digital commerce, but that smarter and more profitable businesses could be built on them. Other start-up bees operating in India Global bees 10 Club, Powerhouse91 and Goat Brands Labs.

“We look forward to supporting Menssa brands from India’s digital-first-of-its-kind journey to build digital brands. In a statement, Ashoshit Sharma, Head of Process Ventures Investments.