Vancouver, B.C., November 16, 2021 (CNW) – Micromin has unveiled a new strategy for geo-experts and mining specialists to improve product transparency, deliver end-to-end, integrated digital solutions and better serve its customers in Momentum 2021.

Developed by Micromine, a global mining software developer, Momentum 2021 is expected to bring thousands of miners and explorers together for the first time to explore new mining technologies.

Micromin CEO Andrew Birch He said the renewed direction of the business will come as the mining industry focuses on the evolution of the mining industry and new opportunities and opportunities opened up by sector-based innovations.

“Looking back, it has been a year of further change in the mining industry. Many companies are looking for efficiency and stability by accelerating digital innovation.

“We believe that the next generation of digital technology is the key to efficiency in the next generation.

“Our vision is to create an ecosystem that connects professionals in the search and mining value chain, using both new and existing technologies to deliver better results for our clients’ projects, their organizations and, most importantly, the user, ”said Mr Birch. .

Renewed product transparency and integration

Micromine has made a number of changes to improve product transparency and better serve its customers. The heroine’s brand of micronutrients is divided into two different supplies: the origin of micromine is focused on the exploration sector; And beyond microfinance, they support customers by developing and operating mines.

The collection of micromine products is now clearly designed to fit into an integrated solution and become part of the customer’s day-to-day operations.

With the advent of microfinance, browsers can find unique geological modeling interface, visualization, board management, analytics and modeling tools, statistical and geospatial functions in a more advanced search or asset estimation project.

Micromine Beyond provides versatile tools for planning, designing, and planning in both surface and ground mines.

By bringing users, data and technology together, we can enable mining companies to build end-to-end digital processes and enable completely new and flexible business models that use data to accelerate smart decision-making, increase business opportunities and meet challenges. A sustainable future for the international community, ”Mr. Birch said.

Two recent acquisitions in the mine – including SPRY production, Accurate Mining and Alastri Software – complete MicroMine’s major product offerings. Both products allow Micromine to translate their designs from their customers (developing and processing) into practical schedules, connecting the differences between mining design tools and practical mining systems.

Introducing Micro22 Nexus of the 2022 Road Map

The Micromine Momentum 2021 event also introduces MicroMine’s latest, home-made microminx nexus, which will launch worldwide in early 2022.

This newly developed offering is designed to connect and organize workflow tools while providing data security across the ecosystem.

“Every customer we speak to struggles to manage a large number of people working on the same workflows, models and geological data sets.

“The first step in our MicroMX platform is to integrate our customers’ integrated data management and sharing capabilities into the overall MicroMine suite and ultimately to third-party point-and-place solutions to realize data sharing and create greater efficiency,” said Mr Birch.

The platform acts as a source of truth for a group, ensuring that everyone is always up-to-date. Thanks to its open source platform, any type of file can be stored, shared and audited in a central location.

Platform architecture is ready to be described by managers without the need for extensive product training or any programming skills.

The first launch of MicroMine Nexus supports cloud-based hosting and on-premises solutions.

Mr Birch summed up the strategic stimulus of microfinance: “We’ve seen our customers embrace the opportunities that technology advances their businesses offer.

“It is this passion – delivering the best results for your projects – that has led to the continuous innovation of Micromine.

About micromine

Micromine is a pioneer. Australia Software industry and advanced technology provider for the exploration and mining sector. The company will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2021.

Micromine products are used at more than 2,000 stations in more than 90 countries. The collection includes the world’s leading products: Micromine Origin, Micromine Beyond, Micromin Geobank, Micromine Pitram, Microminer Spray and now Micromine Alastri. They cover the entire mining life cycle, from geological exploration and data management to asset estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control.

Micromine is a global leader in all major mining companies, including the US, UK, and the United States. Kannada, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Mexico, And Ukraine.

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