San Francisco, CA, November 16, 2021 – (– Narrative BI uses this new capital to develop a new data analytics platform to help development teams increase the value of their product, marketing and sales analytics.

Narrative, which began softly in August 2021, is now open to the public on the BI Platform Beta and has already released valuable insights from millions of unique users.

“We are grateful to our new international investors who have invested in and trusted Narrative B,” said Michael Rumiantsau, founder and CEO of Narrative BI. “Advanced Analytics Today’s development teams have a growing demand for more flexible and powerful tools that will change the game and use the tools they already use. Future analysis is a product-driven growth. With the support of our investors, BI will continue to innovate, building a strong platform for capacity building and benefiting global development teams. “

Development groups are limited to using analytical tools developed 1.5 years ago. Today, product management teams find it difficult to get the right data at the right time. Existing archeological solutions require significant IT and data engineering skills, resulting in high reliability, low technology adoption, and high risk of discrimination against the IT department.

Such “in-house” analytical systems are difficult to build and operate because they require a combination of engineering skills and data understanding. Scattered older analytics tools require data warehousing, ITL, workflows, BI tools, and additional data modeling efforts. This includes the time it takes to deploy, admin test, and analyze data.

Product-led teams collect data from various source systems for complex raw data such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Hubspot and other applications. Older analytics systems cannot translate today’s huge product and marketing data and signals into practical insights to guide faster and smarter decisions.

Narrative BI Platform is a code-free, user-focused, scalable and affordable BI solution that solves those challenges. Narrative BI provides an easy-to-use visual interface and natural language narratives that can be quickly incorporated by knowledge workers, including those who cannot read information and those who are tech-savvy. Intuitive Narrative BI Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution allows product-led teams to generate reports in a short period of time without any IT involvement.

Narrative BI promotes collaboration skills in Slack, which allows them to identify potential problems with advanced nonprofits and to quickly share narratives between product-led team members.

Strengthens information in one place, allows you to quickly access raw data and transform it into simple, recognizable and fun insights into practical and shared insights. Narrative BI Platform enables digital product creators to work faster and ahead of the competition by adding digital product creators with advanced unconventional skills and natural language creation features.

About Narrative BI

Narrative BI is a lightweight code-free business intelligence platform that helps develop, analyze, draw, and share practical insights into information-based decision-making for cross-product companies. A.D. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, California, Narrative BI was born out of the experience of a team of experienced founders and a proven track record of success and success. Visit for more information.