The 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – or COP26 – began on Sunday, with approximately 120 heads of state meeting in Glasgow, Scotland to work together on the Paris Agreement and overall goals. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Over the next two weeks, representatives of the 196 countries that ratified the UNFCCC and the European Union are expected to hold various climate-related meetings and discussions. Many have called for a UN-sponsored meeting. “By the end of the century, the world’s last chance to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius is a more serious target set by the Paris Agreement.”

In addition to US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prince Charles of Wales, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and South Korean President Moon Jr. When they come together for the event, COP26 holds non-governmental organizations and business leaders responsible for 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions each year, including in various industries, fashion and clothing. According to the World Economic Forum.

Given the important role of the fashion industry in climate change mitigation and its role in climate change mitigation, the two-week COP26 industry is expected to focus and be discussed. At the G20 Summit in Rome on Sunday, the fashion industry arm of Prince Charles gave an update on the upcoming COP26.

Federico Marsheti, chairman of the Fashion Industry Task Force, announced its membership last month when it announced its membership, which includes executives from companies such as Burberry, Chloé, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, Brunello Cucinelli, Vestiaire, Zalando, and Moda Operandi. On Sunday, members are committed to launching a new tech-based approach to information on how to make unique clothing and accessories in their companies.

According to the Fashion Task Force, the digital identification system “is a revolutionary technology that uses information to inform customers about the sustainability of their purchases and to provide a balanced exchange rate. In particular, to expand the blockchain-supported (and NFT-linked) system, “key players in the fashion value chain have been given digital identification to provide unprecedented transparency, including to manufacturers, brands, retailers, vendors and recycling. And keep track of the products they sell.

From a consumer perspective, Digital Identity Plan – EON’s CircularID protocol, a repetitive, company-wide global identification system that connects products, customers and partners in a single product life cycle – “How to get reliable information. Products are designed, manufactured and distributed, thus “empowering buyers to make more informed purchasing choices.

While the digital ID program is still in its infancy, Task Force says technology is a prerequisite for development and implementation. Industry-Global Sustainability Standards -It also comes with a “life cycle search feature”. This ultimately includes “prolonging the longevity of products and allowing brands to develop round-shaped business models.”[ing] New circular services for customers, such as maintenance and repair services, as well as resale and reuse.

Non-industrial efforts

It is not the first time that fashion groups have come together to address the role of fashion in combating climate change and to strengthen the effectiveness of their efforts as a team. A.D. In 2019, Paris-based congressmen curling, led by French President Emmanuel Macron, led a fashion deal with more than 200 fashion and clothing groups and individual brands – from H&M to Hermès. “All three signatories to the agreement are committed to achieving common goals in three areas: to stop global warming, to restore biodiversity and to protect the oceans,” said Henry Pinot, chairman of Kering and CEO. “Working alone does not work,” so cooperating parties must, of course, be committed to defining goals together and working together to find solutions.

A.D. Following the release of the “Process Report” in October 2020, Pact said: He did not disclose information, although Kering announced a new sustainability project earlier this year, which will work with Berberi and Stella McCartney to establish a “communication platform.” [Italian fashion] Manufacturers can be evaluated to coordinate, fund, and measure environmental impact programs. Kering also recently launched a sustainable watch-focused effort with Richemont-owned Cartier, inviting all wristwatch and jewelry players to join.

In the meantime, LVMH has recently become more aware Launch his Aura Blockchain ConsortiumPrada is now a member of the group, Richmont and Diesel and Maison Margiela-owner Otibin. LVMH mentions the inclusion of “responsible source and sustainability” information in connection with blockchain efforts, but to date, most communications around the world have focused on counterfeiting by registering all new products. On a common blockchain notebook and issuing digital certificates of authenticity.

What sets fashion work apart from other industry initiatives and focuses on making a broad and lasting difference – and the “multi-brand” and innovative solution that the group calls “single”, that is, digital identification systems, focused on both brand and consumers Has visual skills.

For me, the secondary market and post-care related fashion workforce technologies are just a few of the most compelling in terms of consumer needs and legitimacy. These aspects are particularly important for the $ 40 billion resale market growth (and Various brands try to cope with it And the impact on the traditional luxury model) and the demand for trademarks in various industries for digital and unchanging tracking technologies. At the same time, considering the growing number of brands and third-party players Maintenance and renovation effortsFor example, this is an area that deserves attention (and is an area that needs to be explored as the resale market grows) especially in Increasingly, the broader definition of what brands mean In mind.

Regarding the possibility of more industry players using the new digital identification technology, Marchett told Telegraph following the immediate launch of the digital identification system this weekend: