News Corp Australia will launch its new digital sports brand code this week.

Combined with the unique perspectives of athletes, coaches and commentators, the sport is a promising first-team team of journalists from around the world.

Code enlisted three players who will contribute and be product ambassadors – Ash Barty, Steve Smith And Patty Mills. Tennis star Bati contributed a feature to this week’s code. Former Australian cricket captain Smith meditates for the T20 World Cup in Australia and Mills shares his thoughts on his impressive NBA debut against the Brooklyn Nets.

Check out this week’s contribution from the cricket coach Mike Hussey And former Brisbane Bronco Cory Parker.

News Corporation has been working on the code project for the past 12 months.

To speak Media Week About Code, News Corp Australia Director, News Publishing Subscriptions Brenda Kologan “This is a destination for sports enthusiasts who are focused on presenting the best journalism to new audiences. The code covers the results and current sports news, but the difference is the stories that happened before and after the whistle.

“Sports fans can find some stories for free at Visitors can take a one-month free trial before subscribing. Pricing starts at $ 8.99 on the 12-month plan.

After one month of free trial, there is an option to pay $ 10.99 per month.

Kologan, who has been subscribing to News Corp Australia for the past seven years with the company, said. Registered Readers can get three free articles a month..

“The capabilities that the News Corporation has built on digital subscriptions over the past few years have allowed us to explore the market for more viewing opportunities, and code is a good example of this.”

News Corp Australasia Executive Chairman Michael Miller Added Code is a direct result of the company’s commitment to attracting new audiences to new brands and new media channels.

“The code combines our journalistic talents with storytelling and technology to provide the first-of-its-kind emotional connection,” says Miller.

“We code it because sports fans always try to get in. If in the moment, in the mind, or in the reason. Code opens the stories you take there.

According to Miller, the Consumer Survey in News Corporation has found a gap in the value of competitive digital sports history.

“Where the fan excels at the game and wants the result, the sports fan immerses himself in the game and the history of the players and seeks meaning. While sports stories are highly regarded by Australians, they are loved not only by sports fans but also by all the great stories.


Code Editor’s Guide

Code will be guided. Alex BrownAn experienced multi-platform publisher, editor and journalist throughout Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Brown has worked abroad for organizations, including ESPN. San Francisco Detective And The guard, And has directed sports news sections in Australia with Fox Sports, News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media.

Brown was the founder of The Voice of the Players in Australia. He also recently spent two years as head of communications with Cricket Australia.

Working with Braun will be an independent team of journalists and editors. The content also comes from International News Corporation products Times And Wall Street Journal.

“The mission of the code is simple: to read the wonderful, insightful stories about Australian sports and to make them happen,” Brown said.

SuperCoach Plus subscription ($ 25 price) is included in the code package. Code shows related centers that provide in-depth insights on results and statistics with the integration of SuperCoach Plus scoring systems.

Cologne has announced the start of a new season in the A-League this week. And now, in less than three weeks, the ash will be a special focus during the summer.

For more visits Or download the code app.