Singapore, November 16, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) has recently been appointed Vice President, General Manager and Global Business Leader. Nilsh Shah It seeks to strengthen the ASP foot in emerging markets by reducing the number of HAI-related infections and improving health standards.

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Nielsh Shah - VP / GM Global Trade, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)

Nielsh Shah – VP / GM Global Trade, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)

A.D. After successfully managing the transition from Johnson & Johnson to Fortif as a parent arm in 2019, Neilish ASP is expanding into new markets. Asia To equip health care facilities with infection prevention technologies and workflow solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

To protect these activities, ASP works closely with regulators and health care providers to reduce or prevent HAI levels. ASP works with organizations that support HAI prevention by organizing seminars and conferences such as the Hong Kong Stereo Supply Management Association and the Infection Control Nurses Association.

“As a source to fight covide-19 and other infections, we hope to reduce the amount of waste left over from contaminated equipment to overcome the current barriers to hygienic equipment, which will improve health care and safety,” said Nielsh.

As World Health OrganizationSeven out of every 100 hospitalized patients suffer from health-related illnesses. These numbers are increasing in developing countries, where 10 out of 100 patients are infected. *

In an effort to reduce these infections, Nilish is committed to solving hygiene problems in health facilities by making these solutions accessible to healthcare providers. He cited manpower, time, equipment, limited resources and other resources as the main causes of this problem.

The man behind the wheel

With more than 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry, from sales and product development to international roles in the US and the EU to marketing, he decided to shift his focus to the APAC region in 2012. He developed his leadership skills and experience, earning his role as ASP Vice President and Leader. Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, And Latin America In 2019, he opened the ASP office in Singapore.

Nielsh, with his previous experience in the world market, is ready to focus on his strategy and work. Asia, EMEA and USA.

During the outbreak, Nilesh adopted a digital approach to protect the morale of business and workers.

Digital adoption became an important factor as meeting attendance decreased. The transition of our communication and educational tools to a full digital platform has enabled health professionals and their clients to be able to work safely where they are getting the support they need. “You have infected me.”

The ASP’s commitment to better fight the epidemic has paid off. Singapore, China And very soon Vietnam Wings as proof Great places to work In July, September and October 2021, In order. This certification is given to companies with a superior workplace culture, which is a reflection of a strong information-based employee feedback process – employee satisfaction.

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About advanced sterilization products

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) is a global leader in infection prevention solutions. With advanced products, technologies and workflows, ASP is committed to protecting the lives of patients, families, healthcare professionals, providers and communities.

ASP created the first hydrogen peroxide terminal sterilization system STERRAD and developed high-level pesticide products such as CIDEX ™ OPA, AEROFLEX ™ and low grade pesticides, PRESPT ™ and others. These solutions protect patients at critical times and provide the assurance that health professionals need.

ASP now has a world-renowned presence in thousands of medical institutions represented in 13 markets worldwide. Asia-Pacific Region.

* World Health Organization Infectious Disease Information Sheet

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