Nigeria-based health technology startup Helium Health have got Medi, Qatar’s headquarters and the United Arab Emirates doctors’ location to an unknown extent.

The purchase, Helium Health CEO has been dubbed “the best” Adgoke Olubusi It is not uncommon for two regions that do not work in technology to overlap: Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Medi CEO Harris Agadi And COO Abd al-Karim Hattab He will join the helium leadership team as part of the deal. “Helium plays an important role in the implementation of the GCC strategy and operation.

Helium Health Medidi is a major expansion game. The company founded by Olubis, Dimiji Sophomore And Tito Ovia A.D. In 2016, it is recognized in Africa for major electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management solutions.. But since then, it has improved to provide other services, including heliumpay, billing and payment solutions. Secure Credit, HeliumCredit; Patient-Provider and Income Cycle Management Service HeliumDoc; And data analysis services.

In six African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Kenya and Uganda – Helium Health has signed more than 500 health care facilities.. More than 7,000 medical professionals from these institutions now provide monthly care to more than 300,000 patients.

NormallyAn enterprise client seeks a variety of services on a single platform – from electronic medical record and management information systems to revenue cycle management, enhanced analytics and telecommunications services..

in spite, Most platforms in GCC use vertical issues rather than horizontal ones. For example, Veseta and Okadok can help users make appointments, access telecom services, and prescribe medication. Provides an online platform for HR management, payroll management and health insurance. And Clinic runs a digital health care management system. Therefore, b Enterprise customers need a comprehensive EMR experience Store these different products on top of each other.

Although SF-based helium health has a wide range of B2B supplies, it lacks these areas, especially telemedicine and appointment bookings, which are consumer-friendly products. The company could have built these services, but the acquisition of Medina offered a better alternative because of the expansion game. In addition to providing a doctor’s booking platform and telemedicine to manage booking and patient reviews, Medie provides marketing solutions for hospitals to improve their online presence and attract new patients..

Helium Health

With Meddy, Y Combinator and Tencent-supported helium health, it can now cover a wide range of services that health teams need. Medi will merge with the Helium Doctor-Provider and Revenue Cycle Management Forum on behalf of Helium Doc.

“You don’t have a lot of people in GCC who offer sweets like us. They’re doing it at a much higher price point, so they’re already selling it that way, ”Olubusi told Tech Crunch.

But we can provide a complete set of appointments, marketing solutions, EMRs, hospital management information systems and everything to do in one stop shop. It saves a lot of stress in the process from trying Strengthening Many different systems. ”

Aggadi added that the partnership provides interactions with its customers, a feature that is not available in other EMRs and separate platforms.

Many heritage and new products do not have open APIs and this makes it difficult to move data between them. H.IlherKer providers are concerned about this lack of interaction when using such platforms. Make unproven health decisions.

“Interaction in the region is a big challenge, and finding a parking space like ours He will solve that, ”said Agadi.

Two obvious reasons – to take advantage of the lack of other health care platforms and to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the GCC region (investing in digital infrastructure) It covers 30% of health care investment (2323 to 2030) – The third, more subtle reason behind this acquisition and partnership is indicated by Olubis and Agadi:.

According to the two founders, Helium Health and Medi teams are similar in terms of operation, technology performance, culture and market price. These similarities make it easier for both companies to sign the agreement in less than four months.

“Apart from the right product and market opportunities, this is possible Really How well the team’s composition, DNA, and culture contributed Similar to. Ours, ”said Olubusi.

Medi currently serves more than 150 private clients in the UAE and Qatar. With only $ 1.8 million in VC funding, the company has arranged for more than 200,000 doctor appointments and raised nearly $ 130 million for health care providers..

When the two companies come together, Olubusi said the next plan will be how to serve the GCC market with complete EMR solutions and at the same time distribute telemedicine and doctor’s booking services to their customers in Africa..

“Over the next few months, what we are doing a lot is to be able to better deploy these integrated products in our markets,” he said.. “I mean, in the next two to three years, we want to double the growth of our customers, and Extend our access further to ensure that Helium Health is a leading provider of health technology in the GCC region Only As in Africa. ”