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The Liberty Awards will close in 2021 with an unprecedented success from the Digital Credit Transformation Playbook.
The award was presented to Liberty Asure Limited for innovative product development, key loan process, market name, loan rates, year-on-year growth and a self-sustained financial digital transformation model for the Nigerian market.

Over the past two years, the company has undergone a series of major enterprise technology improvements to increase the service delivery of thousands of customers. The company embraces artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and state-of-the-art technology for its customers, employees and the entire ecosystem.
The 2021 Digital Lender Award was announced on Saturday, November 14, 2021. According to Businessday publisher Frank Iigbogun, “Liberty Assured won the BAFI Award for Digital Lender for its efforts to innovate and transform the technology enterprise. Business Spectrum Narrative From traditional banking to single-slide solutions, easily accessible.
Business Day Banks and other Financial Institutions (BAFI) Awards are highly acclaimed for their outstanding performance in the financial services industry in Nigeria. BAFI focuses on identifying and honoring teams of organizations that have excelled in the provision of financial services throughout the Customer and Customer Spectrum financial services.
Businessday BAFI Awards Nigeria is coming third in the rankings after winning the Quarterly Achievement Award and the Perfect 2021 Best Digital Lender Company from Marketing Marketing Edition.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Oretetmein Igben, CEO of Liberty Asured Limited, said he accepted the award as a new innovation and a commitment to customer loyalty. Describing the company as a deep market leader in digital finance.
“Thank God for this extraordinary award. We thank the business and BAFI Awards team and organizers for their in-depth and critical look at Nigeria’s digital lending sector. Liberty Assured has come to the market with unique digital loan services.
“This amazing award is a dream come true. It is truly amazing and our technology, operations and business teams are using effective variables that support key metrics. “With the diversity of our solutions, the cake is not designed to build many physical branches, but the cake on the cake is building more impressive applications and software. The ultimate solution is to solve the eco-social problems of individuals and families in the country,” he said.
Freedom Assurance has become Nigeria’s key digital lender. The organization is breaking barriers and inspiring Nigerians to have big dreams and achieve their dreams. The company seeks to enhance the voices and stories of innovators in the small and medium enterprise market. The company continues to make a difference in today’s business. One of the main products of the company is the freedom payment. Payment of liberty is a major digital loan product that meets the financial needs of public servants in the states and across the country. The company has a product called; Liberty Credit – This is a mobile application and free nano loan offering that provides mobile access and is a credit product for freedom guarantees customers across the country.

Others are whispers; And the rebirth of freedom, the business solutions and the process of improving the business of small and medium enterprises and the development of up to 500,000 loans; And Liberty Bridge, a product designed to fill the gap between commercial financial and mass inclusion in the market.
Speaking on the occasion, Yitinde Saba, Director General of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, said the company has an innovative team that focuses on market optimization. She said the growth in the organization is often the result of strategic management and efficient accountability. This is a combination of value propositions, satisfying the customer and guaranteeing our brand to market in the future.
She talked about her plans for launching a new product called Back Up & Restore, a temporary patent. She said Liberty Asred would maintain consistency by bridging the financial gap in the Nigerian economy.
“We are developing a flexible business model. We have a clear call for action. We maintain efficient control systems and provide quality loans to our customers. Due to our digitalization model, we have served as a development agency from generation to generation, serving Nigerians in the Diaspora.” , As the largest financial partner of Nigeria, we have solved many social and economic gaps during the COVID-19 epidemic, ”he said.
“Our jump-fringe business model is a testament to our local social and governance (ESG) strategy. We recognize the importance of German leadership in general.
Concluding her interview, Tendede Saba said, “As we celebrate Christmas 2021, Liberty Guarantee has a basket of opportunities for its customers. As a retail digital lender, we have ensured that all of our clients can raise money to take care of their immediate personal and family needs, so have a wonderful holiday and show more potential for the bright new year 2022.
Liberty Back Up & Restore – Nigeria has also announced that it is waiting for the public to embrace the fictional SMS revolution in Nigeria.