Nike is partnering with Roblox to launch Niketown virtual world.

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Sports giant Nike Took a Jump to Meters.

The Beverton Oregon company announced on Thursday that it is partnering with the company Robolox To create a virtual world called Nikeland On the Roblox online gaming platform.

The virtual world includes Nike buildings, stadiums and venues where players compete in various mini-games, from tag and dodgeball to The Floor Is Lava. It is represented by the real-world headquarters of the company. Nikeland will be free (for now).

The company eventually plans to integrate in-game moments that look like international sporting events. Examples may include a football event during the World Cup or a flag hockey game during a Super Bowl. Nike says it will continue to modernize the virtual world to include athletes and brands.

People with speedometer on their mobile devices can use real-world activities to turn on their online game. For example, you can move your body by jumping and interpreting in the virtual world to improve the experience.

Users can log into the digital display section to wear Nike with everything and view the company’s latest products. Items can be delivered in real-time Nike products or from past launches. Nike can also ridicule future products or allow children to create items.

With the advent of Meters, companies like Nike will see the value of interacting with the new generation of athletes and will fall in love with Brand, which could eventually translate into real-world sales.

Sam Porter, a analyst at Williams Trading at Nike, says that Nickeland is successful and will use the brand not only to promote it to children but also to provide information and branding. He thinks it will be used as a way to try new products for Nike to see what sticks.

“If you know a lot of kids are going to wear it in New Zealand, then they will go out with him in the physical world,” Posher said.

This is not the first time Nike has started with Roblox. The couple will be united in 2019. Nike Air Max Day.

Nike is quietly preparing for Metavas, which has recently introduced a large number of hosts. New trademarks Shows interest in making and selling sneakers and sneakers with the imaginary Nike name.

The action should not be surprising. CEO John Dononaho has previously served as CEO EBay And Service, And Presented last year With the mission to change the company. Many were waiting for him. Touch in the root of technology..

As Nike was affected by last year’s pandemic supply chain complications, digital remains a bright spot for the company as consumer trends change.

“Digital is becoming an integral part of everyone’s marketing journey, and we are well on our way to achieving our vision of a 40% owned digital business by the year 2025,” CFO Matt Friend said at the company. Recent incoming calls.