If someone asked me 10 years ago what 20B Digital BSS would look like, I’m sure I was wrong! When I worked with Erickson Digital BSS systems – for more than a decade – technology innovation grew rapidly. It was difficult to understand the importance of the systems I was working on in 2011 and how they changed our daily lives. So with my current homework – when I open my laptop at 8 30 30 in the morning and start looking at my emails or calendar programs – it’s amazing to think about how my day-to-day work will end in the ecosystem. Encourages innovation and allows CSPs to control and extend experiences around the world. This is what allows us to make the Ericsson Digital BSS!

Let’s go back ten years ago…

Erickson’s digital BSS journey has been going on for decades. However, ten years ago some key elements – payment systems, mediation, billing systems and customer relationship management (CRM) – were driving all aspects of intelligent networking and helping CSPs generate revenue on a subscriber basis – regardless of their customers. Division, technology class or payment layout. In those days, during my regular workplace discussions, each topic focused on one important aspect – integration!

Integration is primarily applied to the three major factors.

  • Customer division (Demographics, hierarchy, value groups, risk groups and the like);
  • Technology division (Fixed line, xDSL, GSM…)
  • Payment position (Prepaid / Postpaid / Mixed Accounts) Like the rest of the first collection view

As shown in Figure 1 below, the impact of aggregation in an organization can be explained by a combined matrix that combines differentiated conditions with standard process chains.

Integrating variable matrix variance into standard process chains.  Source: Young Erickson

Figure 1 ፡ Combining the Conflict Matrix Differences with Standard Process Chains. Source: Young Erickson

Using this matrix, it is still easy for CSP to identify different aspects of the process. It also shows how CSP can generate ideas and create an experience for the end user.

  • Joining BSS is a journey for every CSP. Although it has many lasting benefits, e.g. Time for marketing, customer needs, total ownership value (TCO) control And one of the most important features of Business Diversity is the ability to provide a simple and personalized experience for all subscribers.

When I return to today’s world…

Ten years ago - today

Today, my life is a mixture of home-work and ‘living-at-home’, and the most important thing for me to stay connected is to give each connected device a unique experience. This includes my laptops, tablets, cell phones, connected TVs, smart speakers, gaming systems, virtual reality headphones, etc. Each connected device is based on the reliable and extensive connection provided by the CSP network. What is behind these networks? Digital BSS – allows us to take ideas and create a truly integrated experience on all of these connected devices.

So for me, any day at work, the most interesting conversations will focus on communication, usage issues and income generation. With 5 g, There are many tools that require different types of products, service offerings, real-time event management, finance and asset management. There are also many ‘new offerings’ that have not yet been developed into business models. Therefore, consumers and enterprises that receive these services need a simple and personal experience that is tailored to their needs and needs. This requires BSS integration, so the core framework will be organically modified to meet market needs and ensure easy revenue generation and cash flow utilization for all CSPs services. Erickson Digital BSS Out-of-Box features unmatched market leader products and supports a high level of verification, as opposed to expensive customization. It covers the entire customer journey and helps to integrate the Omni-Channel experience across all subscription devices.

Integrations in the Omni-Channel experience

We will also discuss pain points with CSPs and think about how we can create side-by-side and improve the overall customer journey. Sometimes I am thinking of cloud native BSS deployments, fully integrated OSS, BSS and 5G Core solutions, and other times I work with Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solution for context-based customer trips that are AI-supported. ML-based customer knowledge. Some discussions focus on creating and fulfilling different types of enterprises, IOT and consumer products, and flawless fulfillment and life cycle management. Interestingly, in a discussion with CSP yesterday using our digital BSS portfolio, we were introducing a concept that subscribers could share a data package with on all their connected devices. We discussed how to recycle them when their packaging is depleted. All of this happens when you offer flexible discounts on the balance of each renewal. Today, I have completed the deployment of this package from Erickson Catalog Manager to Erickson Charging and Ericsson Charges. I am happy to be able to sign up for this service soon to enjoy a hassle-free experience on all my devices.

Therefore, CSPs are increasingly playing the role of network providers in terms of network connectivity. You are now looking for how to set up and generate revenue through 5G enabled services, border services, IOT services or private networks. This should be done in a simple and non-conflicting manner for users and enterprises when ordering and using these services. It is in the process of evolving to become CSP service providers and service developers, integrating end-to-end activation flows and utilizing 5G’s innovative and service-intensive capabilities. This permeates my thinking process and the core of my daily work.

Future… Technology Trends and Crystal Ball…

Today - in the future

Now, let’s think about what the role of Ericsson Digital BSS will be in 2031. The journey ahead is continuous and has nothing to do with the past and the present. While the conference trip simplifies CSPs for all subscribers to all connected devices, the cloud-enabled Erickson Digital BSS provides a platform ready to expand to meet the flow of connected devices. In the future, we predict that current edge computing trends will be linked to ‘ubiquitous data’ and ‘everything’. These are not just words, they represent where we are going. For medical science, education, entertainment – and both in a ‘destructive way’, there are many opportunities for such developments to take place in a constructive way: in some ways they increase from machine-to-machine communication and lead to multiple means of communication. . The upcoming BSS will be based on the smallest touch for any upgrades, measurements and operations, thus creating billions of connected devices flawlessly.

We can be sure that data consumption and connectivity will increase and we need constantly improving BSS systems to manage such consumption in a simple and intelligent way. Ericsson Digital BSS will always be ahead of technology trends and will be ready to support the CSP journey. In 10 years, in my daily work, I want to continue to be a part of this technology revolution as we move to Industry 5.0.

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