Cloud Editions 21.4 Provides tools for companies to connect, manage and protect information In today’s distributed, digital-first world

Waterloo, Ontario, November 16, 2021 / CNW / – Open text (Nasdak Catch OTEX), (TSX: OTEX) Launches the largest production release so far Open the world of writingStarting this morning. Cloud Editions 21.4 (CE 21.4) introduces new integrations, applications and products to enable customers to adapt to modern work, explore global supply chains, connect with customers, protect data and facilitate developer experiences.

“The best-performing companies are characterized by their ability to bring about technological change,” he said. Mark J. Barenchaya, OpenText CEO and CTO. “With Cloud Editions 21.4, we are providing more powerful applications and deep integration with core business applications to consolidate, manage, and use data to drive these changes.”

Barrenechea will be releasing this morning on OpenText World in its opening keynote. The main note focuses on the importance of being digital, which shows how OpenText can help clients adapt to L’Oreal, Motion Pictures Academy and Penta-Ocean Construction.

“We have been able to create a modern work environment for employees, customers and partners by using the cloud to grow our business in a new way,” he said. Joselito Fong, International Civil Engineering Unit Group, Penta-Ocean Construction Co, LTD. “OpenText Cloud Editions accelerates our digital initiatives, providing tools, services, and insights to increase efficiency, fuel innovation and growth.”

Barenecha highlights key innovations in CE 21.4 that address differences in modern work and the global supply chain. This includes Main content Integrate with Salesforce to improve sales and connect productivity and compliance, as well as team collaboration capabilities with Microsoft teams with content-based business processes. New supply of services managed by the business network addresses the explosion of new digital businesses and the need to connect quickly with business partners.

Here are the key features of each cloud in CE 21.4:

Open the Text ™ Content Cloud

Content Cloud provides the tools needed to support a distributed workforce seamlessly integrating with the business applications that employees use on a daily basis.

In addition to integrating with Salesforce and Microsoft 365, OpenText ™ core content can use core case management to design and coordinate complex workflows. In addition, OpenText Documentum users can now benefit from the integration of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, Intelligence Recording has enhanced next-generation IEE machine learning, and significant improvements have been made to Magellan Risk Guard, eSignture and eDiscovery products. Please read our Blog More details about new innovations.

OpenText ™ Business Network Cloud

By integrating systems, people and things, Business Network Cloud digitally delivers supply chains, and helps businesses exchange information with business partners seamlessly.

CE 21.4 Provides new pre-packaged, self-service capabilities, enables companies of any size to integrate with business partners around the world and provides the best integration, analysis and compliance services in the classroom. In addition, the expanded capabilities of OpenText ™ Active Applications enable integration and integration with external providers and data sources, and the redesigned user experience in the OpenText ™ IoT Platform improves the ability to collect and manage ioti devices. Explore the latest business network cloud innovations within us Blog.

OpenText ™ Experience Cloud

Companies can leverage state-of-the-art customer experience through smart content writing and media production capabilities on a cloud-based customer journey.

CE 21.4 integrates OpenText ™ Experience CDP Client Information Platform, OpenText ™ Exstream, OpenText ™ TeamSite and Google Marketing Platform with enhanced targeting and personalized customer experiences and relationships. OpenText ዲያ Media Management makes content authors more effective by providing media assets for targeted placement in media and sites. Exstream displays large-scale email integration with OpenText ™ notifications to provide enhanced and expanded multimedia distribution. Read our Blog Learn more about Cloud Experience.

OpenText ™ Security and Protection Cloud

Cloud Security provides the ability to withstand cyber attacks by protecting and protecting information from cyber attacks and sudden data loss.

At CE 21.4, we are introducing OpenText።. Digital Evidence CenterA cloud-based solution that enables law enforcement agencies to quickly shut down issues by collecting, analyzing and storing rich media and digital information.

In addition, BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Service now covers more than 1,000 applications, allows partners to implement cloud application policies by assigning objectives, and manages access based on application group, name, and specific function being implemented. The solution provides name results to help assess data risk and compliance with cloud applications. Additional updates, including OpenText ™ Endpoint Detector and OpenText ™ Incex forensic updates, are available in our Security and Cloud. Blog.

Text ™ Developer Cloud

Developers can quickly, efficiently build, customize, and integrate applications using the Data Management API services suite in Developer Cloud.

The CE 21.4 Developer Cloud API services are generally available for testing and purchase North America, A consumer-based pricing model that allows developers to pay only for what they use. In addition, the newly redesigned developer website provides improved usage, with OpenText product APIs and new access. Developer Cloud Services on one website. Read all the update details in our developer cloud Blog.

Please read our for more information on all CE 21.4 innovations Blog.

Open World of Writing 2021

The world’s largest information management conference kicks off today. 11:00 am EST From the CEO and the CEO. With Mark J. Barenchaya And will continue for three days. Other keynote speakers include Muhi Magzub, OpenText’s chief production officer, world-renowned astronomer Dr. Neil Degrace Tyson, and Thrive Global Founder and CEO. Ariana Happington. Attendees can practice interactive product displays and learn from influential customer case studies.

Registration It still exists, and the content in question may be available. over here.

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